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No nails!?!??

So I was suprised a few days ago when the midwife told me absolutly not to go to nail salons while pregnant. I've done a lot of reading on dangerous products, etc and had always found getting a mani and pedi are ok under certain conditions.
1. The polish needs to be safe. The chemical slips my mind at the moment but just make sure it doesnt have it, and most don't anyway
2. Acrylic nails are a huge no no due to the chemicals and filing, which I don't do anyway.
3. Go during non super busy hours so the smell is not so strong and sit in a well ventilated space

Before anyone flies off the handle about listen to the dr as gospel, I feel some scenarios are more of a suggestion than concrete rules. Examples, glass of wine, highlights for hair, etc. those all depend on your comfort level as there is no scientific evidence on them.
Ill also note that I don't particularly like the OB practice we go to. They tend to rush through questions with scripted answers. Our situation dictated this office due to the hospital we are delivering in, insurance, and who they use for bloodwork...again insurance. That's a whole other post though.

Just wanted to see how you all felt about getting a mani/pedi? I think all my friends who were prego went. What has your dr said or what have you read? Just looking for another perspective, I know you ladies are good for those! Lol

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Re: No nails!?!??

  • I got a shellac gel manicure a few weeks ago. I always go to that nail salon and the owner is pregnant and she just wears a mask over her face and nose so the way I see it is if its that bad, her doctor would have told her she had to quit her own business.

    I think for anyone whose worried, just ask for one of those masks as all nail salons have them anyways.
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  • That's how I feel! It was shocking because the midwife answered as if she was appalled by my question.

    "Absolutly not, do not go to a nail salon you will breath in too many chemicals!"

    I so have a gel manicure on now so I wonder if she assumed they were acrylic? Who knows, I felt like it was a huge overreaction though.

    The crappy part is my husband is the worry wart so to him nail salons are the devil. I already feel like a cow, can't I at least have pretty looking nails!!!?
  • I have been told the same thingsavoid busy hours and that chemical. My OB also warned about going for a spa pedi bc the temperature of the water could e hot enough to raise your body temperature. Or to ask them to use like warm water instead. I would bring your info to the dr next time see what she says. GL!!
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  • My OB told me it was totally fine to go. Although, I don't know what to think because I heard the massage part of a pedi can send you into false labor. On the other hand, I got a prenatal massage and they did the same exact massage in my feet!! I think you have to do what you're comfortable with. I specifically asked about the smells and she said as long as I wasn't spending every day, we would be fine. Just let your nail tech know you're expecting. I'm sure they deal with pregnancies a lot, especially since I've heard so many people go in to get primped before baby's arrival. Good luck!
  • image jbean1325:
    On the other hand, I got a prenatal massage and they did the same exact massage in my feet!!

    I asked about the foot thing as well and was told its an old wives tale, that regular massages are fine. There is a certain pressure point that can help you go into labor later on but you would have to get this done by someone specializing in acupressure...that this wouldn't be accomplished by a normal massage.

    I also tried to find info on the Internet about it and got nothing on medically vetted sites.
  • I'm pretty sure the chemical you're all talking about is formaldehyde, and I think most polish companies are phasing it out.

    I work with it EVERY single day, and so far all is ok, and many of my friends slash coworkers were fine, too. Ventilation is key.

    ETA by "it" I mean formaldehyde, not nail polish. I think in another life I'd like to work with nail polish every day, though!!

  • From the bumps "is it safe" list

    In the meantime, stick to the naturally buffed look or use a DBPfree, formaldehydefree polish there are plenty on the market!.
  • I honestly don't remember the last time I went into a nail place and saw or smelled them doing acrylics. I'm in Portland and fake nails are just not really in style. I get shellac manis and pedis and don't have concerns about it. Products used are toluene and formaldehyde free and there are never fumes where I go.
  • I'm doing the chip free polishes. The ones my salon uses are fine, and my manicurist sits closest to the door. 

    I'm going to continue getting them... because in the two weeks I have had them off, my nails end up snapping because they're getting too thick 

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  • Essie and OPI are safe, and what most salons have. My doctor says mani pedis are fine. I think your midwife might be going off old information.
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  • Quality acrylic nails should NOT stink. They generally cost more, because they aren't made of nasty stuff. If you walk in the door and the smell hits you in the face, or if the nail gal is wearing a mask (pregnancy exception), don't get nails there.

    Now the good ones do have a smell, but its brief and not lingering, and the entire place shouldn't reak of it.

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  • OMG. Nail polish is fine, as long as you have ventilation. And massaging your feet CANNOT send you into false labor. That is a big old wivestale.
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  • image edenrivers:
    OMG. Nail polish is fine, as long as you have ventilation. And massaging your feet CANNOT send you into false labor. That is a big old wivestale.

    It wasn't that she was saying the polish was unsafe, it was that I should not go to a nail salon to have them done due to the fumes from other people's treatments such as acrylic.

    I agree with a pp that I don't even notice people doing acrylic anymore.
  • I just got a pedicure today. It was bliss.
  • I really don't want to go against your midwife but my mom worked as a manicurist the whole time she was pregnant with me. She worked in a salon with the chemicals and everything. Everything turned out fine and I'm alive breathing and healthy.
  • image NiksMama:
    I just got a pedicure today. It was bliss.

    Same here! I think spa pedicures are going to be a part of my biweekly routine now that I found a place I love. :::big smile:::
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