TTC After a Loss

(BFP warning) My hands are still shaking.

Remember how I was going to wait for my beta?  HA!  As much as I tried to escape it there was still a lot of testing chat this week and I broke down.

I'm 7dp5dt (12dpo) and still in complete disbelief.  They won't run a beta any earlier than Thursday for me (I'm friends with my nurses and already talked to them this morning Big Smile ), so I'm sure I'll be peeing on something every day until we start hearing numbers, much to H's chagrin.

My TTCAL ladies.  I can't begin to tell you all what you've meant to me in my time here.  I'm so grateful to you all for the hugs, laughter, and even the tears when we've needed them.  I'm moving on with caution, but I'll absolutely be checking in on you all here, and I hope that we don't share a board again until you come snuggle in on PGAL.

Love to each and every one of you, and thank you for all that you've done for me.  <3  I'd post a gif, but I just couldn't find one that was good enough for you all today. 


Re: (BFP warning) My hands are still shaking.

  • Congrats car! I, too, hope we don't share a board until we meet again on another board. (all of us!)
    I have short term memory loss. Do not take it personally if I do not remember you right away.
    No longer trying to conceive at all.
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     BFP #3 4.13.11 EDD 12.18.11 m/c 5/13/11 d&c 5/18/11 We will always miss you Sprout Ryker! 
     Lucky Lee (furbaby) born 1.29.12 
     Midnight Marie (furbaby) born 7.4.12 passed for unknown reasons 9.19.12 Missing my jumping bean. 
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  • Car,

    Congratulations my love. I wish you the happiest, healthiest and most amazing stress free 9 months possible. You welcomed me with open arms here and I'm so grateful to you for all the wisdom and strength you've provided me. Much love my friend. I will be praying and hoping for nothing but the best for you!



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    DX: Incompetent Cervix, Uterine Septum, Asherman Syndrome & Hetero MTHFR.

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  • Car, I am very, very happy for you.  Everything good going your way for great betas.

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    Zachary Donald born 9/22/2012 at 20 weeks. You will forever be in our heart.
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    BFP#3 01/21/2013 EDD 10/02/2013, M/C 02/26/2013


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  • YES YES YES YES!!!!! Fabulous news car! I'm so flucking excited for you!!! Congratulations!!! Fx for great betas and wishing you a HH9. Go on to pgal and stay put, I'm adding cement blocks to your chair ::mobile smiley::

    Married June 2008 ~ I'm 29 and DH 28 ~ TTC#1 Since 1/1/12

    BFP#1 2/10/12 MC#1 3/03/12 natural @ 4-6wks

    BFP#2 6/30/12 MC#2 8/07/12 blighted ovum @ 9wks d&c 8/9/12

    BFP#3 5/09/13 MC#3 6/14/13 no hb @ 9wks d&c 6/19/13

    BFP#4 3/17/14 - rainbow Baby BOY arrived 11/10/14 !!

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  • I was waiting and waiting for this post. So crazy that you predicted all these BFPs and that you get to go too! So happy for you! Congrats!

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    BFP 11.14.12 (MC 12.2.12) EDD 7.24.13 
    Dx: Unexplained IF 12.13, Endometriosis 1.14
    IUI#1+Clomid 1.3.14 Missed Ectopic identified 1.28.14 (EDD 9.26.14) Lap. Surgery
    IUI#2.0+Letrozole Cancelled 1.28.14. IUI#2.1+Letrozole Cancelled 4.22.14
    IVF 6 eggs Retrieved 5 Fertilized 7.22.14 1 Blastocyst Transfer 7.27.14 
    BFP 8.5.14 Due 4.15 Feeling hopeful.
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    2012: 3 more IUIs + Clomid = 3 more CPs. One on-our-own pg, also CP
    2013: BTB IUI + Lupron/Follistim/Prometrium/PIO = CP #6
    IF testing, RPL testing, Autoimmune testing = all normal
    So lost.
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  • This is so awesome!  Have a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!

    TTC since 12/11, miscarriage in 2012, BFP 3/27/13 - EDD 12/08/13 - Team Green turned Pink!  Mini DSB was born 12/17/13.  So in love.

    I love GIFs!!!


  • I was waiting for this!! Congratulations lady!!! I am so happy for you, you definitely deserve this. I'm going to miss you around here, but I'm so glad for the reason you will be gone <3
    Married my own Prince at Walt Disney World Resort on September 9th, 2010 
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    BFP#2 - 13/May/13 - EDD 25/Jan/14 - Evelyn born January 27th 2014 

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    Congratulations to all of my TTCAL Treehouse friends on their BFPs and Rainbow Babies!!
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    God I love this. I love this so hard! Congrats, hon. Sending good vibes that those pee sticks just get darker, your betas double beautifully, and that this is your rainbow after such a turbulent storm.

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    BFP#2 7-27-2012 - EDD 4/8/2013 - blighted ovum discovered 8-23-2012 - D&C 8-27-2012
    BFP#3 12-7-2012 - EDD 8/12/2013 - "Please don't take my Sunshine away."
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    Someone needs to call VH1, because this is THE BEST WEEK EVER. Car, you and your beautiful family deserve nothing but a healthy, easy, and boring pregnancy and another amazing kid.

    I can't deal with all this excitement!!!
    BFP #1 - Mango - 6/11/12, EDD 2/22/12 Natural MC 7/15/12
    BFP #2 - Nacho - 10/14/12, EDD 6/20/13, MMC 8 weeks, D&C 11/16/12
    All testing shows both H and I are perfectly normal. Baby Nacho had triploidy. 
    Back to normal business December 2012
    BFP #3 - Froggy - 1/15/13, EDD 9/27/13 TEAM GREEN
    It's a girl! Alice - Born 9/20/13, 8lbs 2oz

  • Big huge congrats to you car!! I hope you have a wonderful nine months!! ((HUGS))

    BFP #1 ended in MMC. Discovered Oct 2005 @10w5d, baby stopped growing around 6w. D&C.
    BFP#2 Nov 2005. Baby's heart stopped @ 8w3d. D&C Jan 2006. Trisomy 18
    BFP#3 Nov 2006. My "miracle baby" DD born 7/25/07
    BFP #4 11/6/12. EDD 7/16/13~my birthday! No sac found @ 5w1d, betas not increasing. Natural m/c started 11/20/12.

    BFP#5 11/9/13.  EDD 7/21/14  Our beautiful rainbow born on his due date!!

  • Fantastic news! Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months.

    TTC #1 since Dec '12
    BFP #1 12/27/12 EDD 9/10/13 mmc at 8w3d D&E 2/4/13
    BFP #2 5/14/13 EDD 1/24/14 c/p 5/15/13
    BFP #3 7/29/13 EDD 4/12/14 Our rainbow baby girl born 4/4/14!
    TTC #2 since Dec '14
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  • This is freakin' awesome news Car!!!  We have all been wishing on a star for you!  Congratulations dear!


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    DX PCOS 10/2012.
    BFP#3 1/11/13. Beta 1: 52, Beta 2: 391, Beta 3: 1051. EDD 9/23/13. Grow baby, grow!
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  • Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!


    TTC #1 since Sept 2011
    BFP#1 1/31/12. Empty sac discovered 3/5/12. MTX due to location in uterine horn.
    BFP#2 2/27/13. Empty sac confirmed 3/20/13. Mifepristone + cytotec.
    Currently TTA until Fall 2013, waiting for operative hysteroscopy
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  • You caved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so very happy for you sweet lady!  This was the best first post to see  this morning.  i will be stalking you like mad (in a good way, not creepy wayStick out tongue on pgal) and hope to join everyone there soon.

    I could not find a gif either, so just much love and hugs to you!

    TTC #3 since Aug 2009
    2 ds 2004 and 2009
    8 angels, including one heteroectopic pregnancy
    lost right tube

    clotting/RPL panel results normal, genetic testing results normal
    CD2 BW results FSH 5 LH 7 dx: PCOS Dec 2013

    1500mg metformin started Dec 2013        
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  • This totally just made my morning! I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you. So happy for you!

    BFP#2 2.5.11 (EDD 10.15.11) DS born 9.28.11

    BFP#4 8.27.13 (EDD 5.6.14) DD born 4.23.14


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  • Congrats sweety!!

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  • CAR!  OMG!  Congrats, congrats, congrats.  Very happy for you but we will miss you around here!
    Married my wife 8/2007 ~ TTC #1 since 7/2011
    9 IUIs = 9 BFNs
    IVF October 2012: 22 eggs retrieved, 17 fertilized, 5 frozen
    ET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Blighted ovum discovered at 7w5d; D&E
    FET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Missed m/c discovered at 9w5d; D&E
    Karyotyping: normal ~ RPL Testing: normal ~ Hysteroscopy: normal
    FET #2: 1 blast transferred 10/25; BFP 10/31!
    EDD 7/13/14 ~ Induced at 37w4d due to pre-eclampsia ~ Born on 6/28/14
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  • Woooo hoooo!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
    TTC since 4/28/07
    Diagnosed w/ endometriosis 12/2010 Laproscopic surgery & 6 months of Lupron
    BFP 12/17/2011,EDD 8/23/12,ectopic discovered 12/29/11 at 6 weeks recieved methotrexate
    Dec '12 HSG & ultrasound showed abnormalities & more endo. Laproscopic surgery in January '13 showed significant damage & scar tissue from Endo. IVF is our best shot to concieve our rainbow.

    June '13 Decided to go the adoption route!

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  • I had a feeling I would see this this morning (that testing talk is too tempting!)  

    I am so, so happy for you Car.  Know I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts through this time and hopefully I'll be over there!  Don't you dare lose touch now that we're on different boards - you know where to find me! 

  • I love you guys so much.  Thank you!!!  I'm going to miss being here every day, but I hope that we'll all be together again soon in greener pastures.  <3

    Also, I should note that the IF check-in leader pregnancy streak remains intact, so if someone who's cycling soon (*ahem ball.and.chain*) wants to take it over, let me know! 

  • That is amazing!  Congrats!  FX for a nice sticky baby and fabulous betas!

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    Ryan Reynolds = YUM! So excited one of my favorite hotties is of Irish descent!

    Me: 32, DH: 33
    Married 4/3/04, TTC since 6/2008 dx: MFI
    IUIs #1-4 (Clomid) = BFN
    IUI #5 (Letrozole) = BFP (EDD 6/28/13)
    mmc @ 10w4d - D&C 12/14/12 @ 12 weeks
    IUI #6 (Letrozole) March



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  • Congrats car!  I'm very happy for you.  I hope you have a boring and healthy 9 months.  Go grab a sticky seat.
    BFP #1 (DS, 10/98), BFP #2 (DD, 10/09)
    BFP #3 -mm/c @ 7wks, discovered at 9wks, D&C 9/28
    BFP #4 5/29 EDD 2/9 - please be our rainbow
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  • Holy effing awesome news, car! I'm so happy for you and I wish you a H&H9, wonderful lady! We will miss you so, so much but I don't want to see you again until we meet on PGAL, you hear? (((((hugs)))))))
    BFP #1 1.2.12 EDD 9.15.12 :: mmc 2.22.12. / d&c 2.23.12 :: 2nd d&c 3.16.12

    "there is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"

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  • Such huge congrats and ((hugs)) coming your way, what a great post to wake up to!!!



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    Daughter from previous marriage: 20

    TTC #2 since August 2012
    BFP 12/19/12: Ectopic discovered at 8 weeks, right tube removed 01/18/13
    June 2013 Testing Results: Progesterone: 31.7, LH: 5, FSH: 5, Estradiol: 161
    Clomid cycles Nov. 2013 and Jan, Feb, and March 2014

    TTC journey over as of the end of October 2014


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  • Congrats!!!  I hope that your betas are wonderful!! 
  • Congrats Car!

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  • Congrats Car!  Wishing you a H&H 9 months!!

    TTC Since 8/2011
    BFP #1 5/13/12 * EDD 1/24/13 * MC at 7 wks 4 days on 6/11/12
    BFP #2 5/13/13 * Current EDD 1/23/14

    Baby N born 2/8/14

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