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Maternity clothes

I'm kinda stoked about wearing maternity clothes. Maybe that's because in don't have any yet....but when did everyone start wearing them? Which month/week?

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  • I didn't really start showing until I was about 5-6 months. I only bought 1 maternity jeans and a few maternity leggings around that time but I only really needed them at 8 months.I wore a lot of non-maternity dresses and leggings.I shopped at H&M and just bought a size bigger than what I normally wore.These dresses were good until the end.
  • I actually hadn't bought any, I ended up receiving clothes in Christmas from my family when I was 5 months pregnant. The clothes then fit a little big but now that I'm 25 weeks, the clothes fit perfect. 
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  • im 12 weeks today and just purchased a few summer dresses from i plan on only shopping in forever 21, h&m and asos as the rest of the maternity stores out there are extremely frumpy.  i also purchased a pair of maternity jeans at a thrift store this weekend and i can't wait for weekends to wear them.  so far i've been wearing a bellaband over my open dress pants at work.
  • I can't remember when exactly, but I think it was definitely into my second trimester.  You can get by for quite a long while with the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband (a MUST have) but eventually you will need maternity pants.  I am 27 weeks pregnant and the only maternity clothes I've used so far are maternity pants.  I recommend you get the ones with the belly cover thingie that goes all the way up (Old Navy calls it "Over the Belly").  The ones that only come halfway up you will not be able to use for long because it will be very painful on your growing belly.

    Nursing bras you will probably need right away... I know I did.

    My recommendation to all the pregnant ladies out there is to get the Bellaband and a few "Over the Belly" maternity pants and jeans for starters.  Do NOT go crazy.
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