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Hoping to join you lovely ladies and I felt like I should intro before just randomly posting.  I sometimes post on the age boards as well.

I'm a SAHM of an 8 month old little boy currently living in Guam.  Hoping you will have me as a regular poster although with the time difference my posts will probably be at crazy times haha.  Smile



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  • Hi! How do you like Guam? I'm trying to convince DH to put in for Guam as his next station.

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  • Hi!  I am pretty new to this board too, and I am not the most regular poster, but it is a fun place to hang out.
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  • It can be hard at times because there isn't a whole lot to do with an 8 month old but as he gets bigger I think we will really start enjoying it more.  If you like the outdoors there is a ton of stuff to do. Great beaches and hikes in the jungle.  We don't have many places to shop there is only a Kmart and it is outrageously expensive most places off base are here but it's to be expected I guess. 

    We are here for 4 years and have only been here 1 but so far so good the base seems much more community oriented and its really easy to meet people as well. 

    The biggest downside of Guam is that it is a very busy base as far as flying goes so my husband works a lot of long hours and there are a lot of exercises here.  It is also very expensive to fly back to the states I think right now a round trip ticket is close to $2,000. 


  • Hi there!
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