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Anyone still working at 39 weeks?

Disclaimer: I've pretty much just read these boards during the last few weeks. (I tried to stay away prior to that because there's always that story on the internet that scares you into worry). That being said....

 is anyone working right up until labor? How are you handling it? I had every intention of doing that (even had a ride lined up if it happened at work) but this week has made me rethink that decision. I am off today because I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid...after talking to the OB office I am okay, but have been bombarded by texts from work. I know I need to draw some clearer boundaries but I'm just curious what others are doing or did this close to the due date.  


Re: Anyone still working at 39 weeks?

  • I plan to work right up to labor.  I'm 38 weeks now and I feel fine.
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  • I have my c-section scheduled for 39+1 on a Monday but I will work up until the Friday prior. With my first I went into labor at 40 weeks exactly (on a Tuesday) and I worked up until the Friday prior. I would rather use my PTO after the babies born if I can help it.

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  • I had planned to but my body is just screaming at me everyday I work. I'm on my feet all day at work. I've gone down to 5hr days and it helps a little. I've decided to go out at 38 weeks. We really need the money but I just can't do it anymore.
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  • I'm only 36 weeks, but plan to work right up until labor. With that though it has been very tough and tiring. I have began to dwindle down to part time, going from 5 days to 4days and now 3 days. It's great because its easier on me, and it gave them the opportunity to fill my position in time for my leave  
  • I'm due March 25 (Monday) and plan to work until Thursday 3/21. I sure don't want to, but without a medical reason why I can't (other than being pregnant tired and impatient) I am required to work. I only get 4 weeks paid time off and then am taking an additional 2 weeks unpaid. I would give anything to be off for a week or two prior to DD arrival, but I suppose it is what it is!
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  • I'm working to 40w or labor, whatever happens first, I did with DS too (born at 41+1).

    I always try to leave everything so that somebody could take over what I was working on if need be, and I try to leave my desk neat at the end of the day if I don't make it in the next day.  other than that, not much else. 

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  • I will work up until labor. Like others have said, I'd rather use the time off for when LO is here rather than before. I did the same when I was pregnant with DS. Of course I'm tired and achy and would rather stay home but I don't have a medical reason not to continue working so I'll just deal with it.

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  • i plan on working until 38 weeks and 6 days if all goes well.

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  • I'm 37 weeks now and definitely plan to work to the end. I'm tired and achey, but I think I'd feel that way at home too. Plus, I think the days go by faster going to work.

    I have a yoga ball I sit on, and that helps. Plus awesome coworkers.

    I would really LIKE to go into labor next Thursday, though. :

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  • I am delivering by repeat c-section right at 39 weeks.  As of now, I intend to work on day 38 weeks, 6 days.  That being said, I am getting less and less useful at the office, so I may cut out early so as not to waste my employer's time and money.
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  • I'm in until next Wednesday, my csection is Thursday.

    Start making lists of things you do, wrapping up projects, etc. You can do it, you just have to plan.
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  • With my first I was due on a Sunday and planned to work up till that Friday, but I went into labor Thursday night and didn't make it in for my last day! I felt fine right to the end though and had no reason to leave any sooner. I think if you feel ok doing it, working to the end is nbd.

     I do think you should setup whatever you expect boundaries-wise for when you do leave though. I was a teacher so I made sure I had everything wrapped up, graded, in the computer etc each day before I left. And I prepped a few weeks worth of lesson plans for my replacement to get started with once I was gone. But otherwise, I left him in the hands of my colleagues, put up an auto-reply email message, and didn't look back! If you don't want to be bothered, make sure they know that!

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  • I am still working my 2 jobs. I have a full time job and I picked up a part time job over a year ago to save up for our honeymoon cruise in Rome.  I kept the job because then we wanted to see a Crimson Tide game in November and then kept it just to bank money for mat leave..... so, the plan is to stop the part time job at 38 weeks and my full time job within my 39 week. I will be taking 3 vacation days before I am due. I want to work as close to the due date as possible.
  • I'm 38 weeks, 1 day, and I plan to work until it's time to go to the hospital.  I am saving all my days that I can until after sweet P gets here. It sucks though. I am thoroughly exhausted!

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  • I'm only at 37 weeks today, but understand your struggle with setting appropriate boundaries. I have a desk job and work from home, so my issues are not really physical, but the people I work with are being totally unrealistic about the fact that I will be going on leave soon -- likely for a scheduled c/s at 39 weeks 3 days unless my LO turns from breech position. I understand that I am still expected to do work all day, and if anything I've been putting in longer hours than usual and haven't asked for any special concessions based on being pregnant. However, I keep getting overloaded with new work and people are trying to staff me on new, big projects that won't even get moving for at least a week or two. I'm totally worried that if I go into labor early, I'll be in the middle of several things and will have left a total mess behind. As I have started to pleasantly remind people that I won't be around in 2-3 weeks and really need to focus on wrapping up my existing projects, they act like I'm totally crazy -- and then try to push the work on me anyway.
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  • I'm working until I have the baby.  I want to save my maternity leave for when he arrives.

    I even got special permission to go to work while on bed rest, because my chair reclines and I can put my feet up.  I'm only allowed to get up to use the bathroom.

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  • I am at 36 weeks now and I am sitting at my desk with my feet all propped up. I really wanted to save as much time as possible for after the LO is here. 

    I feel fine except for my overly swollen feet and sciatica pain. 

  • image mcooper014:
    I plan to work right up to labor.  I'm 38 weeks now and I feel fine.

    Same here. But I only work about twenty-five hours a week. 

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  • My leave starts at 39 weeks, 5 days or whenever the baby comes.  I have some sick time I could use towards the end if I'm super uncomfortable.  As of right now (35 weeks) I'm pretty comfortable and I worked up until 39 weeks with DS and as fine.  Uncomfortable, but fine.

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  • Also working as long as possible to save my time off for LO but man oh man it's a struggle to get through the day.  I am only 33 weeks today and having a c/s at 37.  If I am struggling this much now I fear what I'll be like at 35 and 36 weeks.  : ) 

  • Yes, working up until labor. I work remote if I am not traveling so its mostly on the computer in my house as I stopped traveling a couple weeks ago.
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    I will work up until labor. Like others have said, I'd rather use the time off for when LO is here rather than before. Of course I'm tired and achy and would rather stay home but I don't have a medical reason not to continue working so I'll just deal with it.


    this, I would lose my mind at home right now.   

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  • I'm the director of a daycare and plan to work until she comes.. And will probably do some work before I go back to work at 6 weeks.. If I stayed home I think the waiting would drive me crazy..

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • I think that it really depends on the type of work you do, and how your body handles it. I work 12 hour shifts in a busy ER, and a lot of my co-workers worked right up until they went into labor, but plenty others just could not. My plan was to work until the bitter end but my body had other plans (PIH, off at 37w4d). I feel SOOOOO much better being off of work, but I do wish I were able to still. It definitely makes the time go by faster, and I loved the contractions it gave me! Plus, it feels like a waste to use up FMLA before LO arrives. Still, a healthy baby with a healthy L & D are priority.
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  • Yes - I sit most of the day and am planning to work until the Friday right before my due date.
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  • I work for a small employer that is so small we are exempt from all the FMLA rules.  With DS I worked right up til I was in labor (worked a 10hr day that day & was 2 days past due date).  I returned to work 3 days after DS was born.  I did breastfeed, so thankfully my job is close to home and I had flexible hours.  My mom & DH stayed with DS while I was at work.  Plan on doing the same with this baby, even bringing them with me to office if needed.  I work with a bunch of men, no women, so am hoping I don't go into labor AT work!  LOL!
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  • Still working but cut back on hours during the day it has helped a ton. I was having major swelling and contractions throughout the day and realized that I needed to cut back and not overdo it. I am just thankful my boss was understanding! But I plan to work until I have this little one!
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    I will work up until labor. Like others have said, I'd rather use the time off for when LO is here rather than before. I did the same when I was pregnant with DS. Of course I'm tired and achy and would rather stay home but I don't have a medical reason not to continue working so I'll just deal with it.

    This. I'm 37.5 weeks, and it sucks working still but I want to save my time for after LO is here. I'll work until labor or until I just absolutely can't handle it anymore.
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  • I'm 36 weeks pregnant and plan on working right until he is born.  I don't want to waste my days at home without a baby.  I'd rather save them for when he arrives.
  • I will be working straight up to labor.  My office is in the building right next door to labor and delivery, so there is a chance I will be literally working right until I go into labor!  I have adjusted my work schedule to 4 ten hour days (if I was here 5 I'd just work ten hours 5 days a week), so even though that is technically full time it seems like time off to me.  Luckily, my job doesn't involve too much on my feet work, and I have my own office and can put my feet up and lie down as necessary.  Hopefully that will keep me at work until the kid arrives, so I can save my days for recovery and bonding.
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