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Implant Bleed?

Does anyone have experience with an implant bleed that is so light that it just appears on toilet tissue and there isn't really a reason for feminine products?  I'm at the right time past O to be IBing, but it just seems so light. 

Re: Implant Bleed?

  • Lurking from 3-6 months...

    I had IB just like you are talking about. I was certain it was my period coming when it went away and the line appeared. Good Luck! 

  • I also had light spotting on the toilet paper for just a day that I attributed to implantation bleeding.
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  • Yes, but you won't know until you get a positive HPT.

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  • ::lurking::


    I had IB with both of my pregnancies. I was using a pantyliner the first time because I expected to start spotting that day. The spotting showed up clearly, but just once and after a day without AF, I tested with FRER and got a dark positive. With my most recent pregnancy I wouldn't have noticed the spotting if I hadn't been looking very carefully.

    I was 9 or 10 DPO both times and forced myself to wait a day or two to test. :)

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  • I had IB with my pregnancy. Mine was just a tiny brown smear in cervical mucous when I wiped one time. This happened 3 days prior to AF arriving. I charted and I knew when I ovulated, so I knew when AF was due, but waited to see if I spotted more. When AF was a day late, I tested. You will not know if it's spotting or IB til you test. End of story.
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