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I'm 5w6d pregnant after FET and have had sore breasts for almost the duration of this cycle. Also had some nausea on and off and been really tired. My breasts aren't feeling as sore and im worried. I know that symptoms come and go, but if I could hear some reassuring stories about disappearing symptoms and still a successful first ultrasound, that's be great! Im also on PIO injections. Ultrasound isn't until the 28th... Thanks everyone!

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  • Hey I'm 6 weeks and my breast were very sore last week and not anymore. I still feel very tired though and my next ultrasound is on the 28th as well. Don't worry breast soreness comes and goes. Hope all goes well next week!
  • Try not to worry. Five weeks is pretty early to feel any symptoms anyways. I am almost 14 weeks and I freaked out to at first because I hardly had any symptoms. I never had morning sickness; only some quesiness and mostly in week 6. Other than that I have had tender breasts, headaches and am super tired most of the time. I've seen that baby twice and heard the heartbeat twice on the doppler. I even had some spotting in week seven.

    And yes symptoms will come and go. Dizzy one day not dizzy again for two weeks, etc.

  • With both of my boys, the sore breasts was more of an early pregnancy symptom.  It did go away.  Everyone's symptoms are so different... try and be positive and don't let yourself go to the negative with your thoughts.  Pregnancy is nothing anyone can control, so I really try to just focus on the positive thoughts and push the negative away.  Otherwise you can worry yourself through your entire pregnancy and miss all the awesome things about it!

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  • I didn't have any of the early symptoms except for implantation bleeding. Don't worry about it. Symptoms come and go and 5 weeks is very early to have real symptoms. I didn't start having any nausea until about 7 weeks and my breasts didn't really start hurting until about 8-9 weeks
  • My symptoms pretty much went away at the same time as you. I was scared. I had a bleeding scare at 6w4d and got to see my LO growing and with a healthy hb.

    My symptoms came back and with a little friend called morning sickness. :)

    I wouldn't worry about symptoms as they are so different for everyone.

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  • 9 weeks here and I have felt the same experienced super heavy bleeding one night and though I had miscarried bc I had no symptoms the next morning. I was so nervous until we saw the ultrasound the next morning. Hang in there some days are rougher than others!
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