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Medela Pump In Style versus Medela Freestyle

Has anyone here used either (or both) of these pumps?  I'm trying to decide which one to go with, and while I've heard that the Medela Freestyle is lighter and more convenient because it allows you walk around while pumping, I've also heard the motor is weaker. I'd love to hear some of your experiences with either pump.

Re: Medela Pump In Style versus Medela Freestyle

  • I used the Pump in Style for the first few months with no complaints. I am a SAHM, so now I only use it occasionally. I was able to use it while walking around when wearing a handsfree pumping bra. But I prefer sitting down while pumping.
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  • I also had the Pump in Style.I used it for a total of 6 months,I pumped exclusively for 3 months so I used it a lot.I was too lazy to get the bra, but I was still able to be on my laptop with 2 hands free.No complaints. I like the bag it came in, with the bottles and cooler bag.
  • I know this doesn't answer your question but did you check with your insurance company to see which one they cover?

    Mine only covers the Freestyle, but they cover it 100%. 

  • Thanks for the personal reviews, ladies. I have not checked with my insurance company to find out if they cover either pump. I only recently became aware that the Affordable Healthcare Act requires insurance companies to cover breast pumps. I'm definitely going to look into this. It hadn't occurred to me that one model might be covered and another made by the same brand might not! Very useful information -- thanks!
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