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word explosion

Anyone else getting a huge jump in vocabulary lately? It seems like LO is learning a new word almost every day this week! Its crazy. Just this week she started saying "hand", "house", "couch" and "hop"(as in "bunnies hop"). It is so cute to see how excited she gets about learning new words and it makes it so fun to read to her and see which new word she will pick up.
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Re: word explosion

  • Same here! It was a very slow start, especially since he is in a bilingual household I thought it was going to be a while but he has surprised as with words that we don't even now where he got them from...unfortunately that also includes mom's favorite expletive, or in his words "oh puck!" :S
  • My daughter is a late talker--and right now, she probably has about 20 or so words that she says unprompted. Or will bring us the object or say it. However, if we ask her to say words, she will mimic and say many of them. I got her to say "Uncle Rob" the other day. :)
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  • um, yes! sometimes my jaw just drops at what she will say. a week or so, she counted to 10 out of the blue. yesterday, she said the next line of a song (after I said the first) and I didn't even know she'd heard the song more than a few times! It's so awesome seeing them learn about the world! :) 

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  • Audrey didn't say any words until she was 18 months old. Then all of a sudden she knew like 20 words. Now she uses over 200 words. I think I read somewhere that they learn like 10 words a day. 
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  • This is defintely happening in our house right now too!  It's amazing how much she is saying these days...and even more amazing at what I am understanding!  I always wondered if I would get that "ability" lol
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