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Where do I begin......I am now a February Momma-long

I honestly don't even know where to begin. I'm not sure if any of you remember I posted on valentine's day about painful braxton hicks contractions but they continued to be painful throughout the next day. After talking to my OB and realizing that they were coming pretty frequently and were getting more and more intense, I went to the prenatal ER. At first, we thought everything was fine until all of a sudden the contractions became very painful and regular and they discovered I was dilating. From the time they decided to admit me to L&D to the time I was actually wheeled over there (maybe 25min) I was vomiting, having contractions so painful I didn't even know what to do with myself and was found to be 3cm and 90% effaced. I was quickly given a steroid injection for baby and put on magnesium sulfate to slow my labor long enough to hopefully get in a 2nd dose of steroids 24hours later. It was pretty much the worst 2 nights of my life. The contractions were slowed and somewhat less painful but I continued to contract regularly and I experienced some pretty miserable side effects from the magnesium. We were thankfully able to get the second dose of steroids on Saturday night and the Mag was shut off Sunday morning, with the hope that my labor would progress no further. Within a few hours I was back to having contractions every 4-5min. At this point I had been laboring for about 40 hours and was utterly exhausted. When the doctor checked me again I was 6cm and they decided to take me for a c-section before I progressed any further. For those who don't remember, the twin we lost was sitting right on my cervix and there was some debate over whether my water had broken for that baby or not. Because I was such a complicated case, they did not want me to deliver vaginally. 

Anyway, Priscilla Helen was born at 1:02pm on February 17th, weighing a very impressive (from what all the doctors said) 3lb 3oz at 29 weeks 1 day. My husband was able to see her for a few minutes and I saw her only briefly until later that night. When I heard the doctor say "Hello Baby", was the most wonderful, emotional, indescribable moment for both DH and I. She remains in the NICU until she is at least 35weeks but is doing well so far. She has not needed a ventilator and she finally pooped today (yay!). I have gotten to hold her twice and they were the most amazing experiences of my whole life. We are so in love with our tiny, delicate little peanut and I just cannot wait to get her home. Today, was a very rough day for me being discharged without her, but I know she is in great hands. This was the longest 29 week pregnancy ever, but I am so grateful to have my LO here and doing well despite everything we have faced. 

I know I am not technically a May Momma afterall, but I hope you ladies will let me stick around. I want to watch all your babies be born and support you all as you have supported me through this difficult pregnancy. Plus, I would miss you all!  

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Re: Where do I begin......I am now a February Momma-long

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