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Doc made me an ultrasound appt because I'm 4cm too big. Should I be worried?

I went to my regular OB check up the other day and my doc and her intern kept remeasuring me. I asked what the problem was and they asked when I had my last ultrasound. I told them 18 weeks, I am now 34. My doctor and her intern leave the room then only to send intern boy wonder back in too tell me I'm measuring too big. To which I thought I know we are huge, then I asked,"How big?" The doc comes back and they both tell me, "4 cm too big" like I am asking for nuclear launch codes or something.

I thought it wasn't a big deal but now it's the night before and I am starting to worry. Should I be arranging for a sitter for my daughter and have hospital bags ready tonight?

I'm really freaked out. Thanks for your help.

Re: Doc made me an ultrasound appt because I'm 4cm too big. Should I be worried?

  • Baby could have been positioned funny, or they measured from the wrong spot. Ds measured 3 weeks ahead for a while, and came 5 days after his due date. Try to relax.
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  • I measured 3 weeks ahead and had a growth ultrasound during this pg and my last one. Everything was fine. This pg, when I had the growth ultrasound LO was measuring in the 50th percentile. They'll check the size of the baby and your fluid levels. Because it was an intern, he or she probably wasn't sure about his/her own measuring and was rechecking. It could be just how you're carrying. Try not to worry.



  • I've been measuring anywhere from 36 weeks ahead the entire time. My OB thinks baby is big and is wanting me to be induced before 40 weeks but otherwise not a big deal.

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  • It's no big deal, and I don't understand why your doctor is telling you "too big." Fundal height doesn't necessarily mean big baby, either. It can be a number of things including position of baby and/or fluid levels. I've measured weeks ahead with all of my LO's, sometimes up to 6 weeks.. nothing was ever wrong and my biggest baby was 9lbs. It was mostly extra fluid. At my last appointment I was 35wks measuring 39 weeks. My midwife just giggled.

    At your U/S they will check your fluid levels. As long as baby has fluid in his/her bladder (proof he/she is swallowing as they should be) then there is no need to be worried if you do indeed have excessive fluid. I imagine since he's pulling the "too big" card, they're also going to measure baby to get a weight estimate. Remember, this is only an estimate and can be sigificantly off so there is no need to panic if they try to convince you you're going to have a huge baby.

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  • Both my friend and I are preg an due in 4 weeks she looks like a basketball n half under here shirt and I am still wearing my pre prego clothes and both of us are measuring fine n fluid is good. She gain weight to fast so the doctor told her to diet a little but I would not worry. They kinda did the same with me one ultra sound place said I was really low and the other said I was in the middle went back to the other place and low again. Everyone and place measure differently. As long as the baby is health and has fluid with strong heart beat. Just relax stressing wont help
  • Could be a bigger baby, could be extra amniotic fluid, could be the way the baby is positioned, could be absolutely nothing at all. The growth u/s may give you a  better idea of why you're measuring ahead (also telling you you're "too big" is a bad way to put it). I measured 3 weeks ahead with my last pregnancy and I am again with this one. DS was 8 lbs. 1 oz at 40w3d and this one will likely be pretty similar in size.
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  • I was measuring big with my son. It ended up that I had about twice as much amniotic fluid than is normal, so it made me measure ahead. I think they found this around 30 weeks or so (can't remember) so they did a NST every week and an u/s every other week until I delivered at 38 weeks. He came out fine at 6lbs. Could be something like that! I wouldn't worry. It is good they are on top of things and hopefully you'll get some good info at the u/s! Good luck :)
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  • I was measuring ahead, and at the ultrasound was measuring right on track.

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  • I have been measuring 3 weeks ahead since 20 weeks (now almost 37) I had a u/s at 33 weeks and baby was in 70th percentile and my fluid was fine. My MW said I'm just carrying out and that everything is fine with baby and no reason to think I won't go until my due date (or after).
  • I was worried a week ago because I was measuring 3cm too small.  I was scheduled for a growth ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok.  This week, I measured 1cm ahead.  It could all be in the positioning, and I feel like I worried over nothing.  The midwife said it is better to just look at trends rather than the exact numbers.  Try not to worry.

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  • I measure three weeks ahead, and I have what I refer to as the "Trifecta of Suck."  Baby whose head and abdomen measure 3 and 4 weeks ahead, was estimated at 7.5 lbs at 35w 5d.  Excess amniotic fluid.  Fibroids.  You can be measuring ahead for all sorts of reasons, hence the ultrasound.  Try not to worry too much.
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  • Hopefully it's nothing, and from what I've read when researching this type of thing myself, it's usually not all that accurate... 

    When I was measured for the first time, the midwife told me I was measuring 5 weeks ahead but since I had JUST had an anatomy ultrasound (at 26 weeks) the week before showing everything was normal otherwise, she said not to worry.  Two weeks later, I had an appointment with the medical doctor and I asked her about it.  She measured me and said I was measuring right at where I should be.  All along I assumed maybe the measurement was off because I had extra fat on my stomach from before I was pregnant!  Who knows.  Logically it just doesn't seem like a very accurate method in general due to so many variables that could potentially throw off the reading.

  • I'm measuring about 2+ weeks ahead, so my OB is sending me for an U/S just to see why I'm bigger than I should be - told me not to worry, it's either a big baby, more fluid than normal or my fibroid.
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