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H, am just recently moved to Chicago with my 4,5mths LO 2weeks ago, am looking for a good hospital/ pedi to register with. any advise?

Re: New in Chi-town

  • Depends on where you live/work. Do you want somewhere close to you? Close to CTA? Do you have a car? There are TONS of options . . .
  • A popular choice for delivery options is Northwestern Memorial/Prentice Hospital which actually does tours for those who would like to see the L&D and Postpartum floors and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. They are near the Water Tower/Hancock Building if you are familiar with those landmarks. 


    EDIT: Haha..yeah, totally read your first post wrong. Call it pregnancy brain on my part? ;o) Anyway, right next door to Northwestern Memorial is the new Lurie Children's Hospital (formally Children's Memorial Hospital). Our Pediatrician is affiliated with both Northwestern and Lurie's but like PP mentioned, with all of the options out there, if you could give us a bit more detail about what area you are looking at, we could potentially give you more in. FWIW, our Pediatrician (Town and Country Pediatrics) is in Lincoln Park and we love our Ped Dr. David Drelicharz

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  • Like pps said, it depends where you live but we also go to Town and Country. We liked the majority of the doctors we met but we love Dr. Hong.

    As a FTM, I appreciate that I've never had a problem getting appointments (even on weekends) and having my questions answered.

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