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What to bring to the hospital

I plan on wearing a hospital gown during labor but I was wondering what should I bring to wear after labor. I do plan on nursing and hopefully will only be in the hospital a few days. Just wondering what other soon to be moms had packed.

Re: What to bring to the hospital

  • I'm packing the same as I did with DD.  I had DD the afternoon of day 1, wore a clean hospital gown that night, showered the morning of day 2 and then wore a nursing bra, old nightgown that I could pull down to nurse, and a bathrobe.  Change into a nursing tank, yoga pants and cardigan the morning of day 3 and was discharged that afternoon.
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  • I wore nursing tanks and a robe.  I didn't want to wear pants because it was hard to get them on due to my c section.
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  • I honestly just stay in the hospital gown the whole time. They're great for nursing. Other than a nursing bra and a going-home outfit for myself and some socks (and actually those were provided by my hospital in past experience too), I don't pack any clothes for my stay.
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  • I was told to bring a robe and pajamas that open in the front (like a button down shirt) to make easy access for nursing.


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  • I originally packed a couple of nursing tanks and stretchy exercise pants, but just added a nursing gown since it looks like I may be having a c section. 
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  • I packed a robe, socks, slippers, two nursing camis, PJ's, yoga pants, a zipper up hoodie, travel size toiletries... I like to use my own stuff, and flip flops for the shower.
    I also packed some facial cleansing wipes in case I feel icky after delivery. Gotta TRY to look decent for the pictures that will inevitably be taken.
  • It took me a few days to be able to recover enough from a rough delivery to get out of the gowns, but when I did, I wore black yoga pants, a cami, and a zip up. I'm going to bring a robe this time, too.
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  • Nursing tanks, big drawstring pj pants and a robe. 

    And flip flops for the shower... thanks PP for the reminder! 

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    And flip flops for the shower... thanks PP for the reminder!nbsp;

    No problem! Too many other people have been in those showers with god knows what going on with their feet. I know they get cleaned but better safe than sorry.
  • I brought yoga pants and I plan on wearing tank tops with wrap style sweaters over them. I hate hospital gowns and am only wearing it for delivery.
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  • I'm planning to pack 2 each of yoga pants, nursing tanks, zip up sweatshirts, granny panties, fuzzy socks, and my travel toiletries.

    I might also pack my favorite maternity jeans and a nursing top too in case I feeling like wearing "real" clothes home, and I'm throwing in a nightgown in the off chance that I end up with a c-section and don't want to wear pants.

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