Cloth Diapering

Recommend your Detergent

I was thinking about using Rock'in Green- thats the only brand I know

also do I use the same for pre-washing to gain absorbency?

Re: Recommend your Detergent

  • I use Nellie's. I'm really pleased with it. Easy to find, rinses well, no scent. There are lots of people who love Rockin Green though.

    And yes, you'll want to use a CD-safe detergent for prepping them.
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  • I think the link in the FAQ section to Pinstripes and Pokadots gives you a whole list of detergents.

    I've always like Tiny Bubbles.  But it was the first one I tried and I haven't had issues. I'm hesitant to try something new when this is working for me right now.

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