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Just curious...

For those of you that have had other children and were first told you were dialated at a 1, how long afterwards, did you have your baby?  I know it can vary.  I was just told yesterday I was dialated at a 1, I will be 38 weeks tomorrow, and I woke up in the middle of the night and had 1 contraction.

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  • This is my 4th pregnancy and I think I am always at a 1 the first time they check.  Sorry - it could be today or 3 weeks from now.

  • Being 1 cm dialated doesn't mean much. According to my nurses and OB, they have seen patients be 1 cm dialated and have regular contractions until they deliver a few weeks later.

  • I've been a 1 for a month now. Still waiting on baby!


  • I  had my first internal at 36w and was dilated at 1. I was dilated to 1 at every single check after, up to 40w2d. I went into labor very early at 40w3d. This is a huge reason I'm not even bothering with internals this time around. You could be at 1 and go into labor an hour later, or you could be walking around at 4 for weeks.
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  • I don't remember with  my first. With this baby, I was at a 1 three weeks ago and still no baby. Last Friday she said I was at 3 cm.

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  • I have realized that internals don't mean anything!  It is so frustrating!  I was 1 1/2 cm at 34 weeks and then was checked at 36 weeks and was 3 1/2 cm, 80% effaced.  Still no baby and it has been 2 weeks.  I have opted out of the internals from now on.  Too much false hope!!
  • with my first I was checked and dilated to 1 and had her 22 hours later. With 2 I was checked and didn't have her for 3 weeks. I don't think a 1 means much, a 5 or a 9 okay, but 1 can mean anything
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  • Only been through this once but I don't think it means much.  I am want to skip the checking part b/c i remember it being painful and in the end i was induced 3 days after DS was due. 
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  • This is my first but I was dilated to a 2 at 36 weeks, my first internal. At 37 weeks I was a 3 and I'll see tomorrow if its changed any.

    My SIL just had her first in July and she was dilated at a 1 at 2627 weeks and stayed that way until 37 weeks.

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  • You can walk around for weeks dilated to a 3. The only time dilation really matters is when you are in active labor. It doesn't tell you squat before then.
  • I was 3cm and 100% effaced for 4 weeks with my first. My daughter was emergency c/s so no help there. So far I've been dilated 1-2 for over 2 weeks with this one. It's nice to know your progressing but don't try to figure out when you'll go into labor because it's just not a good indicator.
  • Third pregnancy, each one very different.  Probably the most unusual thing was that with my first pg I was 4cm for 7 DAYS before she came out. She was born on her due date.  

    SO, 1cm doesn't mean anything other than you have only 9 to go :) 

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