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Miss feeling like myself!

Anybody else just not feeling like themselves lately? 

I can definitely tell I'm getting towards of the end of this pregnancy. The last week I have felt so off and out of it! I'm a FTM, so of course all this is very new to me! I'm on bed rest for high blood pressure, so that isn't helping me feel any better LOL! My emotions are all over the place and poor SO just doesn't know what to do with me.But he has been amazing this whole pregnancy, I'm so lucky. Add in all the other usual aches and pains and symptoms and I'm a mess! Not too much longer though! I'm so ready and excited to meet my little man! 

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Re: Miss feeling like myself!

  • **Raises my Hand**  I am so not myself either.  Usually I am chipper and happy but today I am feeling, "off" as well maybe a bit sad/depressed/anxious. Granted I did schedule a board certification exam for Sat, which was silly on my part....but yeah I agree I am just not feeling myself today!  Hang in there it will pass, and soon enough we will be holding our bundle of joy in our arms wondering where the pregnancy went! :)
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  • I'm finding myself getting snippier and snippier the more uncomfortable I'm getting.  Definitely trying to avoid my MIL right now cuz she has a tendency to drive me crazy on a good day! Stick out tongue
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  • Me! oh my.. I cried last night because we went to taco bell and they forgot my cinnamon twists.. I checked before we left and they gave us another bag.. and I didn't notice until we left that it wasn't the cinnamon twists it was someone elses meal.. My husband was very sweet about it.. considering I was crying for such a stupid reason.. lol

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • I'm finding myself getting more and more exhausted.
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    I'm finding myself getting snippier and snippier the more uncomfortable I'm getting.  Definitely trying to avoid my MIL right now cuz she has a tendency to drive me crazy on a good day! Stick out tongue

    Yes.  I too have been quite a snot to SO.  But he honestly does stuff to deserve it.  I guess my patience and tolerance levels just aren't there these days.

  • Yes. Since about a week ago I've gotten where my tolerance level for stupidty and b.s. is super low! And I am usually the person who gets along with everybody! Luckily for my DH I haven't really snapped at him.
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  • *raises hand*  I joked with my family that my B.S. fuse is shorted out and I just don't have any patience for baloney these days. I try really hard to reign it in but some days are easier than others.

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    I'm finding myself getting more and more exhausted.

     THIS!!!  I cannot get comfortable to sleep - that is when I'm not getting out of bed to pee or blow my nose.  Also, when I am managing to sleep apparently I'm now snoring loudly - DH left our bed to go sleep in the guest room last night.  So sad, but at least he didn't make me switch rooms??

  • I completely get all of this! My husband and I had a miscommunication the other night. I thought he would be home at 630 with dinner for me because he was out with is friend at a restaurant after they went hiking. Well turns out he meant to tell me 830 and I lost it. I texted him to not talk to me until after I ate, because he would be screamed at lol! 
  • Yes!!! I hate it! I don't look like myself either. This past week my face has gotten a bit puffy and it is driving me nuts. I have 4 1/2 weeks to go and can't imagine what else is going to happen to me. I am definitely snippy about the smallest things too. My poor husband and dog. I know it will take some time to feel like myself again after birth but I can't wait to be on the path back to my old self.
  • Ugh! I miss feeling like my physical self. The fact that I do not feel like my physical self makes me highly irritable at so many things. I'm a FTM and this pregnancy has been miserable for me as far as symptoms go. Not to mention that pre-pregnancy I had just lost 35 pounds but I've gained 30 back with 3 more weeks to go. At this point even some of the LO movement hurts although I am glad to feel it. But it still hurts!

    Everybody loves to tell you how little sleep you're going to get when LO comes or how busy you're going to be. But believe it or not I'd rather have that than the discomforts I have now. I would love to have 2 to 3 hours of good sleep than 8 hours of tossing and turning. 

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