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Anyone have a Medela breast pump?

I need help! I am pumping as well as breastfeeding and feel like I am always needing to make a new purchase for this pump. I love it but I want to make one final purchase to have everything I need. I have the advance double pump and the breastshield I have is 24mm, I need the 27mm. While shopping online I have gotten myself so confused. I found the size I need and it says it comes with Medela - PersonalFit Breastshield, Large (27mm):
  • 1-piece breastshield for Medela breastpumps (not for use with the Freestyle or Harmony breastpumps)
  • Compatible with all Medela breastmilk bottles
  • 2 PersonalFit breastshields (PersonalFit connectors sold separately)

so does this mean I need to order one of them or two? It;s confusing to me. Also how does this attach to what I already have or do I now need to buy a whole new set of connectors? I just want to get my pump set and ready to go FINALLY!

Thanks for the help

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Re: Anyone have a Medela breast pump?

  • Have you had your baby yet?  If not, I would wait on the purchase as the hospital will give you a pumping kit if you just ask.  Mine came with both sizes of shield, tubing, bottles, etc.
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  • You need two and as long as you have already been pumping you have everything you need. The pump part breaks into four: the suction part, the connector type part, the yellow thing and the little white membrane. Sorry I don't know the correct terms. You just replace the suction part.
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  • It sounds like it comes with two shields. So you should only need to buy one of that item you are looking at.
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  • These are the breast shields:


    It sounds like you would only need to order one set, if you have all the connectors and everything already. (Unless you want spares, which could be helpful).

    The one piece looks like this:


    When I have seen these in the stores they are sold individually so you would need to order two. With this style, the connector and shield is all one piece. I liked this style better because they are easier to keep track of, but I have only seen them in stores in the 24 mm size.

    If what you posted was the description for one iterm, I would assume it would include 2 shields like what I showed in the first picture.

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  • Thanks guys that was helpful. The pictures posted are exactly what I already have just the wrong size and I was lost because my shield does not disconnect but I figured it out. I need to also order the connectors and then I am set!

    (oh and yes I did have my perfect little baby boy on Feb 12th. I just have not updated anything on here yet. Lack of sleep has gotten to me already) Sleep

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  • I actually ALWAYS call their customer service when I have a question.  Believe it or not, they have saved me tons of money by telling me not to buy certain things.  Maybe you could call them?  They are so nice!
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