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Poll for those that are/were overdue

My BFF was over last night and she told me a startling statistic.  She is a doula and she said one of the nurses at our local hospital told her they have an 85% induction rate.  I didn't believe it.

On top of this, even my DH is getting grief from people about how I shouldn't be allowed to be overdue like this.  

It just started making me wonder what kind of women have been allowed to go overdue and who their care providers are.  

It won't let me do an actual poll, so if you are/were overdue, can you please answer the following questions for me?

1 - How overdue are/were you?

2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)?

3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce?


Re: Poll for those that are/were overdue

  • I won't be overdue until tomorrow, but I can still answer all the above questions:

    1) I will be 1 day overdue

    2) I am using a midwife

    3) They will recommend that I am induced at 42 weeks, but will not require it, or they will induce at any time if they feel me or the baby is in danger (things like pre-e, super high BP etc...)

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  • I was a 8 days overdue. Was going to be induced on the 9th day by my choice but my baby came on her own the day before the induction. They told me at their practice they arent allowed to induce anyone before 41 weeks.
  • I was 2 days overdue, and I used an OB.

    I requested to be induced, but she would've let me do whatever I wanted. If I wanted to wait until 42 weeks, I could've. I'm sure at that point, she would want to discuss it with me, but if we both felt comfortable letting me go past that, I'm sure she would've.  

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  • I was 2 days overdue with DD.

    I had a home birth attended by a midwife.

    State regulations say babies here need to be induced at 42 weeks. My MW uses tinctures and pills of black and blue cohosh to induce, and castor oil as a VERY last resort. She has never had to send a patient to the hospital for a chemical induction.
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  • Oh and mine was dr assisted delivery but i also saw midwives throughtout my pregnancy.
  • I am 1 day overdue. I believe they will not book an induction until week 42. I am giving birth at a hospital where midwives do most of the care. I will be monitored once a week, up from every second week, starting now. My hospital has a very low induction and csection rate.
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  • I didn't go overdue, nor will I ever since I'll have to have RCSs from here on out, but I had discussed it with my OB/MW since we were trying to decide when my mom should book her flight (we didn't want her here before DD2 arrived and wanted to know the latest date possible). Even with my history of HELLP, they said that I would be allowed to go the max 10 days that my hospital allows as long as everything looked good, i.e. no pre-e signs. The hospital I deliver at, though, does recommend induction by 10 days overdue. It's something you have to coordinate with your OB, though, so if the OB agrees to let you go longer, I suppose there's nothing the hospital can do about it. If I had gone overdue, I would have had to go in for NSTs every other day.

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  • 1 - How overdue are/were you? 4 days

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? OB practice

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce? My Dr would have let me go to close to 42 weeks because I was against medical induction, but typically they induce at 41 weeks.
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  • I never made it to my induction but they were going to induce 4 days after my due date. Regular obgyn
  • 1. With DD I was 3 days overdue and went into labor on my own. With this LO I am 1 day overdue.

    2. I use an OB.

    3. She usually talks about an induction at the end of the 41st week. I go to the doctor today, so I suppose she might mention it (though I also have an appointment scheduled for next week at 41 weeks, 1 day). My OB doesn't jump to induction right away. She is very laid back and, I think, if I requested to go to 42 weeks, would let me.

    Side note- We do have friends who just had a baby in January. The mom did have GD (it was controlled though and not posing a problem), but they requested an induction at 39 weeks and the doctor just did it. That really surprised me. It is interesting to hear the differences in philosophies of doctors that my friends have (as opposed to mine).

  • Lurking from Feb 2012 board :) 

    1 - How overdue are/were you? 9 days

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? OB/Hospital

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce? I was scheduled to  be induced at 10 days past my EDD.

  • 1 - How overdue are/were you?  I am currently 2 days overdue2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)?  I go to a regular ol' OB3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce?  At my 40 week appointment (I saw her on my due date), and induction has not yet been discussed. I had an NST scan and they plan on monitoring me 2x a week until I go into labor (even though I'm very low risk). I'm not sure, but I assume they'll want to induce right around 42 weeks, and I will not agree to sooner unless there's medical reason to. My OB is natural birth / breast feeding friendly, as is the hospital where she delivers, so, I'm not worried about being pressured unnecessarily! :)
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  • Inductions are crazy popular around here too, and they are not pushed by all of the doc's. It's the mothers who are making the choice. It's like once they get to their due dates and don't have a baby they think they need to schedule an induction ASAP. I had at least 5 people act surprised that at 2 days past my due date I didn't have an induction scheduled. I almost took offense by all of their comments because I am so anti-induction unless absolutely necessary. A natural labor/delivery is tough enough on me let alone trying to do it when my body isn't ready!



    1 - How overdue are/were you? She was born at 40w5d and I was tracking everything as it took 10 cycles to get my BFP so I know my due date was spot on, she just felt the need to bake a few days longer!

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? My OB who has an office at the hospital.

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce? He is most comfortable only letting us go 7-10 days past but told me it was ultimately my decision and if there wasn't a health necessity to do it I could wait it out longer if I wanted to.


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  • I was not induced, but discussed this quite a bit with my practice, so I thought I'd share for the purposes of your poll.

    My hospitalbased MW practice will not induce before 41.5 weeks unless there is an issue like pree or something that shows up on a NST. After 42 weeks, they start to push for induction, not because they feel it is necessarily the best option, but bc the hospital insurance requires it.


  • I feel like that statistic might have a lot to do with Maternity leave. So many women work now, but don't have good enough benefits to afford to take those last two weeks of pregnancy without baby, but are too pregnant to work. 

    Did that sentence even make sense? Sorry.

    I don't get maternity leave at all, using my tax refund to pay the bills while I'm out, but I can't waitress anymore because I have contractions like crazy running from the dining room to the kitchen during a rush. So every day I don't have this baby is another day I need that refund money to stretch before I can go back to work.

    That being said, I still don't want an induction. I'll wait until 42 weeks if she wants to.

    My doctors are a mix of OBs and midwives. They haven't discussed induction much other than they won't schedule one if you're healthy until after 41 weeks. I'm healthy and so is LO, so we didn't discuss other options.

    I'm due today. 

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  • 1. I was 4 days overdue at induction, 5 days overdue at delivery
    2. I used an OB
    3. My practice would allow you to go to 42 weeks and would offer induction after 41 for the most part. If your bishop's score showed you were favorable for induction before then but after 39 weeks they were willing to consider it. I opted to be induced at 40w4d because of family history of lateterm losses which are statistically more common after 41 weeks so I was not comfortable waiting until that point. In my case that turned out to be a good idea because my baby was not tolerating my own pitocinless contractions so I had a csection. Technically I had a failed induction, but my baby is alive and healthy and that is all that matters to me.
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  • I have been overdue with both pregnancies.

    I have used the same OB for both - she is awesome. 

    With my first DD, I was induced at 41 weeks because I showed no signs of having her anytime soon, I was "high risk" so I either had to continue to have NST and ultrasounds each week or finally be induced, and OB was leaving for Italy on vacation and wanted to induce me before she left so as not to leave my care to someone else.  This time around, I was induced when I was 1 day overdue because my OB gave me a NST and ultrasound and found I had low fluid levels (she considered anything under 5 low fluid and I came in at 4.5).

    Normally, my OB lets everyone go to 42 weeks before they'd induced. 

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  • With DS1 I was overdue.  My OB at the time would only induce during week 41 and wouldn't let you get to 42 weeks.  She always tried to schedule your induction for the day she was on call.  I was scheduled for 41+1 but he decided to come the night before.
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  • I guess I should reply to my own poll.  I've only been overdue with #2 and this baby, #4.

    With #2 I went 5 days overdue.  I used a hospital-based MW who worked in a practice with OBs.  She was pushing induction on me at 39 weeks, but I refused.  She was willing to let me go to 41 weeks.

    With this baby I am now 41 weeks.  My MWs will let me go as long as I need to so long as the NSTs (starting at 42 weeks) are fine.  I am planning a homebirth.

    Thanks for humoring me, ladies.  I had no idea our local induction rate was so high.  I am now beginning to understand why people are looking at me like I have two heads when they hear I am a week overdue.  Apparently no one around here is pregnant that long.

  • Well I had him this morning so I guess 12 days overdue!
    I use an ob in a hospital and I had a doula. My ob is amazing and a huge supporter of natural birth.
    I would have been induced on Monday so just past 42 weeks since all my testing was great.
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  • 1 - How overdue are/were you? 6 days

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? I saw a practice with one OB and one midwife, I delivered at a hospital with the OB.

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce?  In my case, since I had a normal, healthy pregnancy and LO passed her NST with flying colors, he had no problem letting me go past my due date.  He did say that at one week overdue we'd have to "discuss" induction, but as long as both me and baby were doing well, I get the impression he'd let me go close to two weeks.  I'd guess if there were other complications (GD, pre-eclampsia, etc.), inducing earlier would have been a possibility, but I can't say for sure.

  • 1. I'm 40w+1d

     2. We have to use a military hospital overseas so we see OBs, MW, and/or nurse practitioners)

     3. They put us on the schedule to be induced on the 26th (I'll be 40w+6d). I think they would let me go to 42 weeks, but we are requesting the 28th (41w+1d). They can only do 2 inductions a day so it depends if someone will be willing to switch with us. Ideally I would like to put it off as long as possible, but the reality of us living overseas and having family flying in when I'm 42 weeks, plus trying to deal with getting them from the airport to our house, and then getting them access to the base, and having my husband have to not only be at the hospital with me and the baby, but getting my parents to and from the house to the hospital each day was just too much to put on him. That's why we decided to request an induction date a bit earlier than I would like. I think our hospital is very flexible with the induction thing and would have let us go to 42 weeks if we would have wanted it. 

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  • 1 - I was six days overdue.

    2 - My doctor is an OB.

    3 - My doctor told me they don't like patients going more than a week overdue, which was my reason for induction.  We made my induction appt at my 39 week appt as a "just in case;" which ended up being what happened.  My pregnancy was (medically) uneventful otherwise (outside of hypothyroid, but it was being managed fine and was not a contributing factor to my induction).



  • 1.) I was two weeks overdue

    2.) I had a jerk of an OB

    3.) He tried to get me to induce earlier than the two weeks overdue saying she'd be too big to come out, and tried using meaningless scare tactics(She'd get stuck or die in utero) instead of telling me I was going pre-eclampsia. I had told him I didn't want to be induced and he said if I wouldn't induce he'd just schedule a c-section instead. Long story short, when I did go in to be induced I was in hard labor from the time they started the pitocin drip he broke my water at one cm and then after 4 hours of pushing after 8 hours of laboring I had to have a c-section since she wouldn't drop down. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was facing sunny side up.That and the horrid magnesium they had me on made me so weak my pushing wasn't very effective and the contractions were tapering out.

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  • 1) today is my due date (my ticker is off)

    2) OB practice in Boston. Was also induced with my first with an OB in NYC at 9 days late. Reason for induction was that my fluid level was either a 3 or a 4. I thought 4 but my dh swears they said 3. Either way too low, so out she came. Induction was discussed at 41 weeks, and we were planning on inducing when i was 42 weeks.

    3) This OB planned an induction for next week 41 weeks. I can push for 42 weeks if need be. However, after 40 weeks with my fluid history, I will be getting fluid checks every few days. I am also 36 years old, so AMA doesn't help with fluid and placenta calcification. 

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  • The general rule with my OB office is to induce at 10 days over. I was antiinduction and my doctor agreed to let me go to 14 days assuming that all testing like NSTs and AFIs came back ok. At 40 weeks, I began the testing twice a week, and baby and amniotic fluid always looked ok.

    I ended up going into labor on my own at 40w6d, but he was born at 41w. Very happy that baby came on his own terms and I avoided induction.
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  • I am 1 day overdue and counting. I seeing an OB and delivering at a hospital. Dr will not induce before 42 weeks unless medically necessary. I have biweekly apps for NST, fluid testing and as long as everything checks out fine he will let LO continue to cook and induce right before 42 weeks. 

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  • I'm not over due but I have discussed this with my OB, she said they prefer to induce at 10 days late but leve it up to the mom as long as we tests are coming back ok. I'm not sure what tests exactly they give after Your over due but I am assuming us or nst? I love my practice because they pretty much cater to such a variety of birth plans they haven't ever tried to push me in any direction, but do give thorough information when asked. She did say that most MTB ask to set an induction date around 39 to 40 weeks and so she doesn't have alot of patients go passed 41 weeks. I'm sure different OBs are different, my co workers could not believe I didn't jump at the chance to induce yesterday, and a small part of me wishes I did. I know she will come eventually though.




  • 1 - How overdue are/were you? Currently 2 days overdue

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? I see a Midwife at a military hospital.

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce?  My midwife will induce only after 41 weeks IF I fail the NST. That's the requirement by the military hospital here that she is required to comply with. As long as NST is good I have until 42 weeks with no pressure. 

  • 1 - How overdue are/were you? I was 45 mins shy of being 42 weeks when DD was born.

    2 - What type of care provider did you use (OB, hospital MW, HBMW, etc.)? Hospital birth center with midwives.

    3 - Under what circumstances will your care provider induce? They let patients go to 42 weeks unless there are signs of distress.

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