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Hi all!

Im from the June board but my LO was born on JUne 6th so we are close to the May babies. Anyway my LO hasn't really been babbling much. He's a quiet baby and will make sounds like uh, ah, hi,ha...I'm really starting to worry why he's not saying mama, dada, etc. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks for any input!! 

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  • My son babbles, screams, makes crazy noises all day long but hasn't actually said mama or dada yet...your son sounds normal to me, I wouldn't be too my last appt a couple weeks ago my pedi asked if he was saying mama or dada yet and I said no but he babbles all the time and he said that was completely fine at this point
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  • My older two now two and 8 years old didn't start saying those words until closer to 11 months both were late talkers but early with physical things. My 8 year old is perfectly normal now
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  • I hang out here but I am technically a June mom since LO was born June 1st. She sounds exactly like your LO. She doesn't say mama or dada but makes a lot of vowel sounds especially when she is eating. My LO is on track or doing things sooner everywhere else so I'm not concerned.  I'm going to bring it up at my next Pedi appointment but I'm sure it is just one of those "every baby is different" things. I wouldn't be nervous about it yet.

  • we say adada a lot but I still don't think he knows the context of it...
  • My DD didn't have an 'official' word until 13 months; now at two, she speaks in sentences and probably has about 1000 words. Don't worry. Speech is one of the most variable milestones.
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  • She makes a lot if noises but no real words. Our pedi asked if she was saying mama or dada and I said no just noises and she wasn't concerned at all.
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  • It's totally normal to not have 'real' words yet. I wouldn't worry unless they aren't babbling with any consonant sounds at 10 months. It sounds like LO is still expressing intent and desire to communicate, which is exactly what they should be doing. I would only worry at this age if they weren't attempting to communicate. I'm sure the other sounds will come soon! And if not by 10 months, definitely talk to your pedi.
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  • Thanks for the input ladies.  It puts my mind at ease.  I wish I could stop worrying about him meeting milestones.  It is definitely stressing me out!
  • Loghan occasionally does momma, refuses to say dadda... BUT.... says psss for her brother chris and waves and says HI and Bye Bye...  also says ALL DONE when she is finished eating ;)      Each baby is different... Be patient and don't worry so much ;)    
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