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So I just got home from LD and thank god that everything is fine. Now my boyfriend won't stop teasing me about peeling on myself lol. But I also told him how the ultrasound tech was asking me questions like if I was going to work after my baby and I explain to hear that we are thinking about opening a 3d ultrasound office. And she asked who's going to watch my baby I said babysitter or daycare. She made a rude comment saying if you're not ready to have a kid why have it?? I responded with excuse you? My boyfriend thinks it was completely inappropriate, and also her and this trainee were talking about how they had to tell a pregnant woman who was 38 weeks along how the baby's heart wast beating, made me more upset. Now I don't know if I should complain to the hospital, my boyfriend wants to write a letter stating how it was very unethical from her part to male statements in front of me like that. I don't know if I should drop it or not. What would y'all do??

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