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Two gliders?

What are your thoughts on two gliders??? We use ours when Grayson is sick or wakes up in the middle of the night which occasionally happens. I was planning on moving his glider into the new babies room but having second thoughts. Maybe I need two did you all adapt?
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Re: Two gliders?

  • We got 2 gliders and we still use both gliders every bedtime and every naptime for booths kids. Even at 2.5 and 1.5. We read before bed and nap and the gliders are essential for this. When they move to big girl/boy beds we will ditch them.  

    ETA: we bought our 2nd glider used for $25. I we had to buy it used we probably wouldn't have.  

  • I bought a second one, too. We definitely still use the one in DS1's room.
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  • We moved the glider and ottoman into the baby's room. We already had a chair from IKEA that we moved into our daughters room. Like you, we still needed a place to sit with her for reading, some comfort cuddles, etc. However, we didn't see the need long term for two gliders. I think that any chair would do for the older child's room.
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  • We moved the glider into the nursery and put a different chair in DD1's room.  It worked out okay.  We later got a 2nd glider b/c my mom had one that she didn't have space for anymore so she passed it to us.  It is really nice having a glider in each room (even now that DS is 1 and DD is 2.5), but I don't think I would have spent money on a 2nd one.  Another option is to keep the glider in your bedroom.
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  • We have the glider in the nursery and I was able to find a cool solid wood rocker for the toddler room at a garage sale. It's nice, sturdy and stain resistant - which is a huge bonus with my toddler. We use both every day though...having only one would be tough unless they shared a room. 
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  • I would maybe pick out the one you might want but wait to make the actual purchase til your next LO arrives as you may feel differently once you know their personality or get a feel for your routine with 2.


     We were over zealous with our baby gear purchases when DS1 was on the way. I decided I had to have two gliders, one for the nursery and one for our bedroom, so we'd have 'options' when it came to nighttime routines, middle of the night soothing, etc. It turned out that DS1 HATES gliding. As in, screams like he's being torture when you sit with him in any rocker or glider. So we didn't need any glider much less two gliders for him. DS2 is 6 weeks and is agreeable to the glider in our room,  but the other is still collecting dust in DS1's nursery. 

  • At first we were just going to move the glider out of our daughter's room and into our son's room.  Then we realized we still use it when she wakes up at 7am for her first bottle of the day and anytime she wakes up in the middle of the night and just needs rocked back to sleep.  It's not often that she wakes up during the night more than just that once at 7am for a bottle, but we decided that's enough to warrant a second glider.  We don't want to have to take our daughter into our son's room in the middle of the night or early in the morning to rock her back to sleep.  That might disturb our son's sleep and then we will have two babies awake at once wanting to go back to sleep.  We want to avoid that if at all possible.  So, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our family to buy a second glider before our son is born.  
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  • I moved the glider into the new nursery and bought an ikea charge for DD1's room.
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  • With DS2, we moved the glider into his room. Right not we have Ikea Poang chairs in DS1 and DD's rooms. This baby will probably share a room with DS2.
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  • We bought a second.  We still use DS1's all the time. 
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