Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Must have Items

Can you share two items in your life that are now a "must have"that have helped you as a mom? Pacy clip, gyro bowl etc...
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Re: Must have Items

  • A fan for her room to create white noise and a couple of good babysitters.
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  • Childproofing locks.
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  • Paci clip (used for paci and toys, also got a sippy one, saved many would be lost items).  Space saver high chair (started using it right after she was born and still using it today).
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  • A comfortable baby carrier
  • Child locks and baby gates. We have so many...
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  • good wine


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  • image abartow:

    good wine

    she said TWO things!  LOL  Let's add chocolate.

    No, seriously--- it truly depends on the age you are looking at.  I mean, even play doh at my son's ages makes life easier. 

    Like pp--a space saving high chair is awesome---and portable for visits to others

    A good diaper bag that you can fit things in without it being crazy bulky (like a messanger bag)

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    A comfortable baby carrier


    This. The Ergo and Moby are my two favorite baby items, hands down.  

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  • This totally depends on what age you're asking about. Currently DS is 15 months. Our Tommee Tippee paci clips are awesome. I bought a Playtex one first that broke after 2 weeks but the TT ones have held up for months. 

    And the Gyro bowls probably won't really be useful to us for quite a while. I've heard they work well at not spilling, but if baby shakes it, everything falls out. I really love the Munchkin snack catcher bowls. Not perfect, but pretty good at keeping crackers/Cheerios inside.

    One of my very favorite things is the Tommee Tippee insulated sippy cups (the straw ones). They are the most leak-proof ones I've found! I think I got them at BRU. They're a pain to put together since there's so many parts, but totally worth it cuz most straw sippies leak.  

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  • image Kimbus22:

    This mobile:

    I seriously would not have survied the last year and a half without it.

    And also a drawer full of tupperware.  Because that is apparently entirely more fun that thousands of dollars worth of actual toys.


    If you can afford it, a nice fish tank or two. We have 3, one of which is in DD's room. She loves her "fishies" and if she's in a mood, it's our best re-direct for her, and in the mornings when she wakes up, she talks to her fish in her room and keeps her happier. 

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    good wine


    LOL, this! 

    But seriously, depending on how old your LO is, we got a great use of her exersaucer (Evenflo Splash) and the Jeep Renegade.Life saver for me at home.

  • Yes 

    If you can afford it, a nice fish tank or two. We have 3, one of which is in DD's room. She loves her "fishies" and if she's in a mood, it's our best re-direct for her, and in the mornings when she wakes up, she talks to her fish in her room and keeps her happier. 

    If you're not into real fish/upkeep my DS has a fake fish from Cracker Barrel. It's a fish bowl with a screw on cap so you put water in and the fish hangs from a clear string and moves when you press his button. The tank changes color too so little man loves going over and pressing the top. For older kids my sister tells her kids that the button is the fish alarm clock and it wakes them up. They totally think its real!
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  • Hat with velcro to keep it on

    Board books

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  • Pack n Play...I put him in this when I need to shower, used it for vacations and to stay at relatives during a power outage.  

    A lovey.  My baby has a blankie that he loves, my older kids have a stuffed animal. These have gotten us thru sickness, tantrums, entertained in doctors appointments.   

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  • My Ergo (before that Moby Wrap) and her sippy cups (she is so independent).

    The one thing that keeps my baby the happiest is her big brother!  Don't know what she is going to do when he is in school next year. She just adores him!


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  • Our highchairs are probably the one thing we couldn't do without on a day to day basis.  The girls also love their Dreamlights and lovies and those make bedtime easier.  And I use my Magic Bullet every day to make them smoothies, which has become the easiest way to get some fruits, veggies, protein and calcium in them in one shot.
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  • Our dog is by far the most help to me. She does a preliminary clean up of any dropped food at mealtimes. She is the ultimate cheererupper her "kisses" fix anything and everything, or at least distract enough to move on from anything upsetting. She gets hugged first thing every morning and throughout the day. They are best friends and endlessly entertaining to each other. I love watching them play together and love on each other. So precious.
    Breastfeeding has been a big help also financially, emotionally, nutritionally, and psychologically. I've been amazed by how comforting it is whenever anything is wrong a bumped head, tired, hungry, thirsty. Better than any pacifier, which we don't use anyway.
    Probably not the answers you were looking for, but there it is. Also, wouldn't want to do parenthood without my husband. Sometimes it feels like raising another child with all his manisms, but he definitely makes up for it by being an awesome Daddy.
  • When she was little, her swing and swaddling blankets. These days, walk-through gates and lots of books.

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  • Video Monitor and a good carrier (Moby and then Ergo)
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  • It totally depends on the age range you're talking about. My list of most useful items changes as DS gets older.
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  • space saver highchair, weePOD, Ikea Easel, mega blocks, LIBRARY CARD, gymnastics at the YMCA, California Baby bubble bath (with wand), swaddling blankets, sleep sack, tommy tippee bibs, radio flyer wagon
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  • Overall favorite/can't live without them now items are:

    Uppababy GLuxe stroller

    Summer Infant Baby Touch monitor


    Specific time related must have items:

    03 months: a wide variety of swaddle blankets and swaddle devices and a DH willing to share middle of the night feeds and all household responsibilities

     36 months: food processor for homemade pures and the Magic Sleepsuit once swaddling was done

     69 months: leap frog learning table, vtech walker and alphabet train

    912 months: bubbles and lots of books 

    1215 months: a lot of patience, mega bloks, and bathtub foam letters

    1518 months: the afore mentioned Tommee Tippee straw cups, puzzles, and a new baby brother to love :

    Sick kid must haves for me: humidifier, nose frida, temporal scanner, two backup bottles of saline drops in the medicine cabinet and a stash of PBS shows in the dvr

    Now that I have 2 under 2 my latest new item must haves: minivan and a Joovy Caboose double stroller
  • Our swing and bouncy seat.
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  • With toddlers...a dust buster! They are the messiest things on the planet. 

    Babies...every 3 months I had a "must have" and then they would outgrow it  

    On the Mini pill, ebfing, and no AF ever.....16 months apart!

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