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Traverse vs minivan

Does anyone know the plus and minuses of Chevy traverse vs Honda odyssey and Toyota sienna?

Re: Traverse vs minivan

  • Love, love, love my minivan.  The third row in a cross over is hard to get to and with it up you have no storage in the back.
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  • We just bought a GMC Acadia (which is pretty much the exact same vehicle as the Traverse, both being GMs) and we love it!  We did get the 7 passenger so inside it pretty much is a mini van.  The Acadia is just disguised as an SUV (although I believe the winter handling may be different but I don't know).  My DH did not want to be a minivan owner-and it is his primary car!

    That all said, I would love sliding doors.

    ETA: the third row is pretty easy to get to in the Acadia and the floor is set differently so there is actually some head room back there-not for a tall guy but still better than most and the cargo space behind the third row is decent, enough for a stroller and my 95 lb dog (not that he rides back there, ever, spoiled mutt).

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  • I would choose a Honda or Toyota over a Chevy any day. Both of those Mini Vans are amazing vans and have amazing rating. Those are the best two out there.
  • I don't know how the Traverse is set up, but I have a Durango with 3rd row seating which we thought would be awesome until we actually put it up. Then we realized how hard it would be to actually use regularly. And, like PP said, totally kills any cargo space. That being said, it's nice to have a second vehicle that will hold all 5 of us if need be. But, we got ourselves a mini van and I realized I've been missing out. I was always the anti-mini van, but the room and sliding doors.. ahhhmazing.

  • Also the cost of a minivan is usually cheaper.  Our Dodge Grand Caravan is fully loaded, with leather, dvd player and several options and was 30k with 0% interest.  I believe the crossovers are more.
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  • My husband and I are SUV people, ours are fine right now with our first on the way. But in a few more years and after we have more kids, my husband is probably going to get the Nissan Pathfinder (7 seater).

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  • All I know is the seats don't fold down with as much space with the traverse vs the minivans... Plus the space for leg room in the 3rd row is better in the minivan... Minivans both have better gas mileage


  • My MIL has a Traverse and loves it!!

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  • I can't speak to the Traverse, but we LOVE our Odyssey.  It's a 2012, and we decided to go all out and get the fully loaded one (it's an investment, right?) Stick out tongue.

    Ours has every safety feature imaginable (blind spot indicators, back up cameras with several views, etc.).   It also has some other awesome features, which we have found so useful like auto doors and liftgate, built in sun shades, invidual climate controls, cool box for drinks, split screen DVD system, heated seats and mirrors, etc.

    The middle seat of the middle row also pulls forward while still allowing a child or baby to be strapped in.   With DD, I was always riding in the back seat (with our previous car), so it will be so nice to still be able to ride up front, while still tending to him when needed.


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