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Husband sexier than ever

I don't know if I'm alone in feeling this way, but I'm more in love and lust with my husband now that he's a father to our son. I love watching him sing to him, feed him, cuddle with him and change his diapers. He misses him so much that he has come home from work for lunch just to see him. I love how much he loves him and it makes him even sexier to me than before.
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Re: Husband sexier than ever

  • My heart melts when I think about this. I have a feeling I'll feel the same way when DH gets to hold our LO.
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  • You're not alone. :) We are only 11 days PP, but I already can't wait!!! for the clearing for sex again. I'm so in love with him. I didn't know that this was part of becoming parents, but man, is he sexy!

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  • There is nothing sexier than a man with a newborn...period. lol. My hubby drives me nuts about 90% of the time (and most of the time its on purpose) but when he held our DD for the first time, it was like looking at him for the first time again, but even more intense. I can't wait to see him hold our son and get that feeling back... :)
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  • I know what you mean! I also think it has to do with hormones for me. My sex drive was really low when I was pregnant. Within a few days of giving birth, I was totally turned on again just by looking at DH. Sometimes it drives me nuts having to wait so long, but then again I'm also a little scared to have sex for the first time post partum, haha.
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  • Definitely feel the same.  Husband has been such a superhero to me this past week and he is ridiculously adorable with our son.  There have been moments when I want to jump him so bad, and then I remember my sewn-up lady bits...and reconsider.  LOL.



  • I completely agree! I watched him sleep for a few minutes the other night and I just thought, damn, I hit the hubby jackpot!


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  • I feel the same way about my SO! It melts my heart to see my two guys interacting with love and bonding!
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  • I 100% agree. I am one of the "bad" wifes who is sad to admit I couldnt stand him during the pregnancy. I have heard of that happening before but didnt believe it. I am not kidding when I say I hated him, he couldnt touch me, everything his said was wrong, I couldnt even stand the way he would breath. I was so scared we were going down the whole right at baby was coming. Then when he was born all of a sudden I am crazy about him all over again and even more than before. I cant imagine life without him. Thank God for the relief of these crazy hormones and for my wonderful man back (or me back) :)
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  • I couldn't agree more! There's also something very warming about being able to snuggle up again without a huge bump to separate us. 
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