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Coming home outfit for Moms

So, I have heard a lot about babies coming home outfits on here, but I want to know about the moms! 

I still don't know what I want to wear, because we plan on doing pictures, etc. I want to be comfortable, but also still look a little fashionable.

I am thinking leggings, since they adjust to size, and a cute long empire waist top.

Are you guys going cute or comfy? What are you planning on wearing when you are released from the hospital?  

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Re: Coming home outfit for Moms

  • Maternity jeans and a nursing top that is more fitted than most maternity tops. My jeans have the secret fit panel, so they would fit even when not pregnant or postpartum.
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  • I'm going comfy.

    I've got a nice pair of black maternity pants without the full panel waist, just the 4 inches of soft stretch. Pair those with a tank top and a cardi-wrap and I'm all set to both look comfortable, presentable and still nurse.

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  • if you are going to wear leggings, wear a long top that will cover up a pad sized to stop a leak in a small dam :)

    I'm going comfortable, most of the women I've seen leaving the hospital myself look like a hot mess (myself included).   

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  • I'm wearing a long maxi dress home. It seems more comfy than pants.

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  • Yoga pants! I'm going to for comfort.
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  • Comfy all the way but still trying to look presentable in case DH or mom wants to capture a photo.  Yoga pants, long tank and cardigan.  Hair will either be in a ponytail or I'll throw it into a cute ballet bun (always makes my face look slimmer).  The only makeup I'm planning to have is my BB cream and a color stick that'll work for lips and cheeks and maybe a waterproof mascara since my eyelashes are so light you can't see them without it.
  • Breast feeding tank, yoga pants or stretchy tights (packed both) and cardigan bf wrap. I have the same thing for day 2. I'm not into wearing Jammie's with visitors. 
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  • I'm going comfy for sure. My Fav sweatpants and zip up hoodie. But we aren't doing any pics with me in them at the hospital and it will just be me and hubby at the hospital. Unless I happen to have her on one of the 5 days following my due date then it will be my mom and hubby. In laws are from Cali so they plan on coming here to Illinois mid April to be sure they get to see baby girl. I would be too afraid to wear jeans in case of stitches from tearing or from c section. To me that just sounds uncomfortable.
  • Yes, to me a dress is a lot more comfortable than jeans or leggings especially since (from what I hear) I'll be wearing a huge pad or diaper! LOL

    Something loose is already in my hospital bag!


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  • Haven't packed anything yet, but thinking comfy.
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  • I was planning to wear a nursing top and maternity jeans, but may be having a c-section if my LO doesn't flip soon, so I think I'll put a comfy skirt in my bag as well.  When I have seen other new mothers leaving the hospital during our childbirth class and tour, they mostly had on yoga pants and t-shirts.  I'm not really one who would freak out if someone snapped my picture with the baby and I wasn't dressed particularly cute, as long as my hair is brushed and I don't look totally horrible!
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  • I think I'm going with black maternity (underbelly) yoga pants, a nursing tank and a long cardigan or wrap.  Comfy, yet presentable.  

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  • I have sweats packed.  

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  • I got a black maxi dress from Marshalls and a little cream cardigan to pair with it in case I'm cold. I thought it would be more comfortable just in case I end up having a c-section.

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  • Yoga pants, nursing tank and a cardigan (cotton or sweater depending on weather). I'm not all that concerned with the wardrobe side- I'll probably do my hair (which entails drying with a brush) and makeup, I've never been the type that needed a dress for pictures, I'm a jeans/cute top/heels kind of girl and I'm not wearing that home from the hospital :)
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  • Ew, the thought of maternity jeans post-partum sounds awful. I would bring a soft, stretchy, loose pair of yoga pants. Just remember, everything is super swollen down there, your abdomen feels all bruised and squishy, and you won't want anything tight around your waist.

  • Loose yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a zip up hoodie.
  • In my rush to pack, I sort of forgot about my coming home outfit.  I wore yoga pants, a nursing tank, and the same sweatshirt I wore to the hospital.  It was all I had.

    We took pictures before we left, so we wore our jackets so I didn't care. 

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  • I'm going 100 comfort. Vanity will not be on my mind at that point. I will be more focused on my LO and my sore vag with the huge diaper cradling it.


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  • image daylights1:
    I'm going 100 comfort. Vanity will not be on my mind at that point. I will be more focused on my LO and my sore vag with the huge diaper cradling it.

    LOL!  I'm there with you.  Some comfy pants (probably black yoga), a tee-shirt and probably a zip-up sweatshirt!  I'm into fashion and looking cute but I doubt I will give two sh*ts that day!

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  • Yoga pants, nursing tank and a cardigan.
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  • With DD I wore a maxi dress with pretty sandals. I'm going shopping this weekend to see if I find something cute and comfy to wear home. Wearing yoga pants or sweats to anywhere but the gym or around the house just isn't my style though.

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  • I'm planning on wearing black yoga pants and a maternity t-shirt. This post made me think of Selfie who wore a mini dress leaving the hospital. Hah!
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  • Yoga pants, nursing tank and a zip up hoodie will be my look! Lol
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  • Last time I really liked wearing tight fitting but stretchy clothes, so yoga pants and a fairly tight tank with a hoodie.  It seemed to keep everything in place (pad, jello belly, etc). 

    I bought a new yoga pants/tank/hoodie outfit to go to the hospital with me but now I'm thinking that people might see a pad buldge through the pants because they're tight.  Tongue Tied  Better throw a longer shirt in too I guess lol

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  • Thanks for the reminder. I wasn't even thinking about myself! I guess I better get on it. lol I will probably do yoga pants of some sort and a tank. I want to be comfy, but my hospital trip is only about ten minutes. Still wanna look cute though. 


  • I am just going with jeans and a shirt.  I have a nice pair of dark denim jeans and some nice tops to choose from. So, I will just pick one of those. 

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