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So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for several months. A little stressed because it took me 2.5 years last time with my ex, and that was when I was 30...  No success so far, but my breasts have been killing me for the last week. Has this happened to anyone else?  Talked to my OB he said it was unlikely to be related to my cycle, so now I'm freaking out...  Sorry so personal but stressed on both counts -the not getting pregnant (hubby and 1st wide got pregnant 1st time around with all of their kids) and the weird breast pain 

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  • Yes I have had sore breasts before. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to figure out?
  • Whenever my breasts hurt really bad, it usually means Aunt Flo is right around the corner, but it's different for everyone.  Are they tender, sore, stinging sensation in the nipples?  What do you mean by "my breasts have been killing me for the last week"?
  • I had a lot of breast pain this month too, I was actually hoping it was a good sign that I might get a bfp until my period started yesterday.  I have noticed that when I'm stressed or if I have a lot of emotional stress, that causes me to have breast pains.  Especially in the 2ww.  Maybe it's stress for you?
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  • It's odd. Started about a week ago, mid cycle thought it might be related to ovulating. But one week later it's still here. Feels like my nipples are rubbed raw, and wearing a bra hurts.  Called my OB. He said if it was related to my cycle the breasts should hurt not the nipple area.  So not really sure what it is, and its driving me nuts!
  • Could it be the dry weather? Put a ointment like lansinoh on them
  • My boobs always hurt during my 2ww. Also, I have been told that if you are pregnant enough to have symptoms, you are pregnant enough to turn a test positive. So if you are a few days away from your expected AF, it wouldn't hurt to POAS. Good Luck.
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  • Its happened to me for sure but that was when I was using Clomid. It was pretty frustrating because I thought for sure it meant a bfp...but it didn't :(
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