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Hostess Gifts???

I have a team of 8 putting together/hosting my baby shower, and from what I hear, its way over the top.  So I want to get each of them a thank you gift for there contributions to the shower.  The only problem is I have no idea what to get them?  Please help.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Hostess Gifts???

  • I got my shower hostesses some of the aromatherapy lotions/bath salts from bath and body works along with a bottle of wine
  • Some ideas: gift certificate for mani and/or pedi, piece of jewelry (simple bracelet or earrings in Spring colors). Earlier in the week someone mentioned finding gift ideas from that store called Things Remembered (or a similar personalization store or website) perhaps a small jewelry box engraved with the person's name on it.  Good luck!

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  • I put together a bag of aveda products + a nice relaxing scented candle and a nice card, and wrote something (semi cheesy) about "I hope this helps to make your shower as nice as you've made mine"
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  • There have been a couple of other posts about this in the past that you may want to check out, because other ladies have had some really cute/neat ideas! I only had 3 hosts, but I took them to lunch and got them Will Tree figurines, which they loved because they are sentimental and each have their own meaning.  You can usually find them at Hallmark stores or online at willowtree.com.  I just bought the smaller ones, because they are cheaper but depending on what you want to spend you could always buy the bigger ones. It really just depends on your hosts styles and personalities, I am sure you will find the perfect gift for each of them!
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  • I got my two girlfriends a little nail polish kit-two colors, remover and lotion.  They both like to do there nails.  Oh and I got them a Starbucks gc also.  For my MIL & SIL this weekend I am getting them a GC for amazon and to Starbucks/Peets-they both like to read and I want them to be able to relax and take time for themselves.
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  • Wow 8 hostesses is a lot, which means that each person probably didn't end up doing a ton of work but rather each person did a little, and you don't have to go crazy in whatever you get each person.  (as opposed to 1-2 people putting on an entire shower)

    Something simple, thoughtful and sweet will suffice and you don't need to get them each the same thing, you can pick something out for each person individually.  

    You could bake them some cookies, get bath/lotion type stuff, a bottle of wine, pajama pants, a movie with a bag or two of pop corn, a book, an Amazon Gift card (or Barnes and Noble) if someone has a Kindle or a Nook, tickets to the movie theater, pedicure GC's, GC to a restaurant they like or to Starbucks or something...  Think about what each person might like and get them that.

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  • Thank you for all of the great ideas!
  • I got my hostesses Philosophy kits from Nordstrom and a bottle of wine. 
  • I ordered these:


    discount code: fbwhite80

    These are cute and not expensive.

  • Bed Bath and Beyond is always perfect when gift shopping for multiple people! I LOVE their lotions and body wash sets and they always have great deals like buy two get one free. You could put together a very nice gift set for each of them with a lotion, body wash, and body spray- they have gift sets available pre wrapped or put together with ribbon as well.

    I think its a generous gift and it always goes over well with women who like to smell nice! :) Good luck!!

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  • 8 is a lot of hosts.  What about making them a thank you dinner?


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  • I only had one hostess. I'm giving her a framed picture of the two of us from the shower.




  • I had 4 hostesses when I had my shower for my son. I got them each fancy bar soap, lotion and hand pump soap is a color/scent I knew they liked. I got it at tj maxx and I think I spent 9 or 10 dollars each. I wrapped them in pretty bags and included a nice note with each. My hostesses were my aunts, and they were all very grateful.

    I think something personal is always nicer than a gift card.
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  • I am making them aprons. My friend gave me the idea when she asked if I could make one for her 3 year old daughter. I made one for her, my friend and her step daughter who is also helping with the shower.
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