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Mamas who have breech baby @ 34 weeks or after?

Has your doctor told you when a c-section starts to get planned? My baby was breech for a while and then turned about a month ago and is breech again. Just wondering?

Re: Mamas who have breech baby @ 34 weeks or after?

  • Oh, forgot to mention, this is my second baby.
  • My baby has been breech for a while and is still breech (just got an ultrasound yesterday to check position).  My doctor has scheduled me for a c-section in my 40th week to give the baby enough time to turn on his/her own.  They said I could even wait until my 41st week if I felt comfortable with that.  If I go into labor before my 40th week, they are having me go into the hospital as soon as I can and checking the position of the baby.  If still breech, they will take me in for an emergency c-section.  If it has turned, I can obviously labor normally. 
  • My doctor told me at my 37 week appt that my c-section would be at week 39.  They aren't going to attempt to turn her because I'm high risk and it's very unlikely she will turn on her own at this point. 
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  • My DD was breech at 30w and every check thereafter, we scheduled the c-section at 36w with the plans to cancel it if she turned.  She didn't.

  • My son is breech. I have been doing spinning babies techniques to no avail, as of now. However, my dr told me that on Monday ( my next appt) we will be scheduling my c-section for week 39.

     However, if I go into labor before then, I need to tell the hospital that he is breech and they will do a sonogram confirming that that is still the case before they do a c-section. 


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