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Going downhill at 35 wks

This is just me being whiny...
I knew this pregnancy had been too easy. I hit the 35 week mark this week and was presented with swollen ankles and hands. Apparently now I can't be on my feet for more than an hour without my ankles swelling. I have been pretty active with walking and chores around the house but after just two hours of organizing baby stuff yesterday, I am waking up exhausted with back and hip pain this morning. Ugh!!!

Re: Going downhill at 35 wks

  • I feel your pain. I was bragging to my doula a week ago about how good I felt and how I avoided a lot of the common third tri symptoms such as swollen feet.  About 3-4 hours later, in the middle of my workout, my feet started to swell and tripled in size.  For me, however, rest does not seem to help and they've remained swollen. Oh and forget doing a real workout at this point.  No matter how much energy I go to the gym with, it's low impact from here on out.  Guess I'm lucky I lasted this long.  :-)
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  • Yep. I'm 37 weeks and that's when I noticed the ankle and feet swelling at 35 weeks. Most of my swelling is actually in the left foot and ankle with a little pain in my shin. My OB even sent me to have an ultrasound in my leg to rule out a blood clot because of the shin pain and increased swelling in my left foot and ankle compared to my right. All is well. Turns out it may just be the baby sitting on my nerve.

    As far as the swelling however, it's pretty crazy. If my husband presses his finger down on my foot hard enough it actually leaves a little dent for about a minute. Totally creeped me out the first time I saw that.  I can barely fit my sneakers. I had to remove the laces. I look like a clown. 

    Only a few more weeks to go. 

  • My LO sits on a nerve every now and then as well.  She sat on the same nerve for so long once that I literally couldn't put any weight on my left leg.  I thought I was having paralysis or something.  The next day she had moved and it was like nothing was ever wrong!

    Drink lots of water for the swelling - it really does help!!  And you only have a few more weeks to go!

  • I could of written this post myself lol...Pregnancy has been cake for me, once i figured out a handle on morning sickness got through it like a champ, went to work, worked out, had plenty of energy, havent gotten a single stretch mark (till now), was gaining weight in range, and every appointment my bloodwork and bp looked beautiful....but now at 36 weeks, Im tired, dont want to do anything, hips hurt, my blood pressure is creeping up, the stretch marks are appearing and my belly is itchy, and i have the case of bloody snot. sorry TMI. but totally understand how you feel! lol
  • I am in the same spot. This pregnancy has been easy so far. No complications, manageable symptoms...but the last two weeks I've really been hit hard. I am exhausted, very moody and my feet are swelling. I think she's dropped because there is pain/pressure by my public bone. Mama is definitly ready for this pregnancy to be over! Plus my back/ribs have been hurting. Not fun...

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