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Pregnant after blighted ovum and D&C, Scared to death

Has anyone gone through having a blighted ovum? After two and half years of trying I concieved last fall on Clomid. At 9 weeks I ended up having a D&C, and was absolutly heartbroken. I just found out Valentines day that we're pregnant again (using clomid). I have my first ultrasound on March 7. Im horrified it's going to happen again.........
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Re: Pregnant after blighted ovum and D&C, Scared to death

  • I haven't had a blighted ovum, but I've had several losses, including one in the second trimester.  When I was pregnant with my son, I was petrified the entire time.  It helped getting past markers, like making it further than the date I lost my first baby, getting to ultrasounds and such.  Good luck, I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.  Hopefully your doctor is understanding and can get you in for an early ultrasound. 
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  • I had a D&C for a missed m/c in December and I'm already a month pregnant again. I'm in the same boat with you. I'm so scared too.


    Nature works in a funny way and your body just wants to give you the perfect baby. Have faith in biology.


    I hope you see your baby on March 7th!  

  • My first pregnancy was a blighted ovum. It was devastating since I'd had pregnancy symptoms all along. But now I'm 12 weeks along with my second pregnancy. I was terrified at myfirst appointment as well. But I kept remembering how rare those are and just took deep breaths. When you see ababy on that monitor, it won't erase all of your fears, but it's such a magical moment after seeing nothing the first time.

    Tthoughts and prayers to you. I hope the best!
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  • I have not had to go through either of your situations but I just wanted to say I hope you have a very H&H 9 months!
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  •  Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way :-)

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  • It can be scary, I know. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage also. Within three months I was pregnant again with my now very healthy toddler.
  • I had a blighted ovum last year. We were devastated to see the ultrasound at nine weeks. My hormone levels were low and things were not progressing. My OB suggested a DNC. I chose to have acupuncture to allow a natural miscarriage. I researched blighted ovum and found that it is rare and not necessarily something that is recurring.

    We just found out we are pregnant again. I'm six weeks today. I am scared too! I am praying that everything goes well. I have a new OB and my appointment is at 10 weeks. However I am thinking about getting my hormone levels checked sooner to help me feel reassured.

    I am praying for you too. (We are also due Oct 23.)

  • So I am late on this post. But I found out Thursday (8w4d) I have a blighted ovum . We do have one perfect DS 14mos. Which that is so nice... I have a D&C scheduled for this Friday...Seeing this is Monday this is officially the longest week of my life so far. Hoping this might be enought time to happend naturally. But this wait is so sad and depressing I am just ready to have it done. I hope you all have happy, healthy babies!
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