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Wrong Bra

Well, as the day has gone on I have been increasingly uncomfortable in my bra.  I thought maybe it is just time to get a bigger size, and then I realized I put a regular bra on and not my larger maternity bra.  I haven't been wearing underwire since the first trimester.  The bra I put on is seriously two sizes too small and the underwire is cutting into me.  I am seriously wishing I wasn't at work so that I could just take it off.  I'm not gutsy enough to just take it off and hope no one notices. Not to mention I have to walk down a long hallway of offices to use the bathroom.  Considering I am making a trip down the hall every half hour, I think someone would notice!  I hope the next hour and a half goes by fast, because I don't know how much longer I take wearing this thing!!

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