Fenugreek and Gas

Back when LO was about 6 weeks ( I think) I tried taking fenugreek to help my supply, but had to stop because I thought it made him gassy. Now he's 13 weeks and I'm back at work/pumping.  Has anyone had success trying fenugreek later on after their  baby's digestive system had matured some?  I'd hate to take fenugreek again and cause my baby pain, but I want to keep bf'ing/pumping as long as possible. Thanks!


Re: Fenugreek and Gas

  • Can you try mother love more milk plus instead of just fenugreek?  I responded better to the more milk plus and without the intestinal side effects.
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  • I didn't start taking it until 4 months in and it makes me not her super gassy. Uggg. I want to try GoLacta but I haven't gotten myself out to buy it.


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