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No visitors under 14

I kept reading posts about children not allowed at the hospital durring flu season. I have been checking the website for my hospital every so often to see if they are restricting visitors. Last night I saw in bold yellow "no visitors under 14, no excetions".

I totally understand why but can't help but feel sad that I will not get to see my 21m old for 3 or 4 days while I am at the hospital.

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Re: No visitors under 14

  • I hated not seeing my oldest when I was recovering from my cesarean. DH and I both agreed it was probably for the best, since she was only 1 year old and so attached to me, taking her home and leaving me behind at the hospital would have caused a total meltdown. She missed me, but better for her emotionally to be at her home all day with SIL and DH to take care of her.

    Still, I'm glad my hospital has said "no visitors under 14" for the L&D floor only. Once I'm in recovery they'll be allowed to visit (so far, it might change, but we're in Texas, so the flu outbreak isn't as bad as other places). 

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  • My hospital is no visitors under 14 except siblings of the newborn.  Are you sure your child really can't visit?  That seems kinda crazy unless it has to do with the flu.  
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  • My hospital also has this restriction. It's going to be really tough not to see my little guy while I'm in the hospital, but I'm hoping the restrictions will be lifted in March. If not, I understand why the hospital is doing it, just makes it tough.


  • I emailed the hospital and they confirmed that normally siblings are allowed but for the time being because of the Flu there will be not exceptions. They suggested I do skype with my LO.  I think skype will just make it harder on both of us.
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  • So far, ours is still allowing children, so I hope that continues to be the case. With my first, it was the height of H1N1, and they were not allowing kids.
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  • Ours is no visitors under 14 with the exception of siblings but the siblings need a documented note from their pediatrician that they had received the flu vaccine and that it had been more than 2 weeks since receiving it and they can't be showing any sign of illness (no cough, runny nose, etc.). Thanks for reminding me that I need to call the pedi and ask for a note for the kids :-)  
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  • Ugh that stinks.  Hopefully they will lift it in March so that you can see your little one.  That would be tough!
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  • Same for me - but our hospital is no children under 18.  No exceptions. 

    It really made it difficult for me to rearrange care for DD while I am in the hospital.  I kind of get it and I kind of don't.  I am sure there are many adults who don't get flu shots and likely more children with flu shots than adults - so not entirely sure how banning those under 18 addresses the issue. 

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  • my birth center is only allowing grandparents to visit and only during certain times. So no friends, other family, and no children.
  • We're not allowed any visitors besides SO and grandparents. It could be worse!
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  • image ebp913:
    My hospital is no visitors under 14 except siblings of the newborn. nbsp;Are you sure your child really can't visit? nbsp;That seems kinda crazy unless it has to do with the flu. nbsp;
    That's the rule at our hospital too... Siblings can visit but they have to have absolutely no flu symptoms for 48 hours to be allowed in! I'm happy that this is the case because my BF's daughter who is 5 is super excited to meet her little brother... Although there is only a small chance she'll get to see him in the hospital regardless of rules due to how often we have her!
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