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We're getting close, ladies!



How are you feeling?:

Any news/appointments?:

GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list?


Re: +++++Tuesday Ticker Change+++++

  • Week/Fruit: 37 weeks!!  full term, baby!

    How are you feeling?: Overall still great.  I'm totally over work though.  Starting to get a bit swollen, which sucks.

    Any news/appointments?: I actually switched Obgyn practices last week because I wasn't getting the support from my original practice.  LOVE my new doctor.  37wk appt tomorrow.

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list? I packed baby's bag last night, but need to pack my own.  I also need to install the carseat, but I feel so silly having it in there!
  • Week/Fruit: 38/pumpkin

    How are you feeling?: Good. TIIIIIIIRED. But good!

    Any news/appointments?: Well, stubborn little miss is making her last stand. She will need to be delivered via c-section because she will not move out of the breech position. So, stubborn little miss is probably going to be a February baby if all goes as planned. It's amazing to me to look at the weather forecast and see my baby's birthday there. AHHH! When did this happen?!

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list? A lot. We just moved over the weekend, so we have to set up the nursery, swing, bouncer, etc. Thankfully, we moved closer to family, so we've had tons of help. My mom came over and unpacked boxes while I napped yesterday. Let me tell you, that was the greatest nap of my life. 
    It's a girl!
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  • Week/Fruit: 35, honeydew

    How are you feeling?: ok, uncomfortable and crabby, but trying to make the best of these last few weeks.

    Any news/appointments?: BPPs still 2x/week. Our plan is induction at 39 weeks due to GD and a few other factors, if not before

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list? clean out car, put car seat bases in, put double stroller together, put swing together


  • Week/Fruit: 37 / Winter Melon (Is that what they make chewing gum from? Lol... just sounds like an Eclipse flavor)

    How are you feeling?: Soooo tired and big. it is getting so hard to work every day, but I want to save my vacation time and leave for after LO gets here!

    Any news/appointments?: Had ultrasound today to check position. A little disappointed because I was hoping to see more of LO, but my OB just checked to see where the head was, did a quick once over and that was it. Nothing picture worthy. GBS test came back negative, so that was a big relief - I was really worried that I probably had it.

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list?

    - find a Pediatrician
    - put together crib (DH doing that today)
    - pack hospital bag for me and DH (he travels so if LO makes an early appearance he will have to meet me at the hospital from where he is)
    - make final purchases for registry completion (bottles, diapers, receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc)
    - buy the Lazyboy recliner
    - Finish nursery decor and buy dresser (still deciding)
    - install car seats
    - wash some of LOs newborn to 3 month clothes
    - finish sending shower thank you notes
    - um, start birth preparation classes!

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  • Week:  38 watermellon

    Feeling:  so great since I got over my cold. Can finally breathe and sleep.

    Appointments:  BP was high at my checkup today, so they sent me for a 30 min NST, all is well.

    To do:  blinds for nursery, new recliner for living room, and need to update passport tomorrow. 

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  • Week/Fruit: 36 Honeydew How are you feeling?: I'm feeling really great today. I had a horrible sinus infection that was accompanied by a 2 week long debilitating miagraine headache, however today was the first day that I haven't needed around the clock tylenol and no headache! Yay for antibiotics :)Any news/appointments?: I have my 36 week app tomorrow morning. I will be getting my GBS test results, and possibly my first internal. I've been having quite a few BH, and I think LO has dropped as my belly has changed shape and my shirts are struggling to cover up the panels on my pants/bottom of my belly. Haha 

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list? I got a few nursing tanks and a nursing bra today, along with a nursing pillow. Those were the last major items I needed to get before LO gets here. I would also like to get a mirror for the car to see the baby in his car seat. I'm starting to feel ready for this little guy to arrive. However, I have been flipping from this, to extreme anxiety about bringing him into the world, at the drop of a hat lately. 


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  • Week/Fruit: 36 - Honeydew

    How are you feeling?: Like I'm carrying a honeydew

    Any news/appointments?: We had someone come over to install the carseat; we put the stroller together and we have a newborn photographer lined up. 37 week us is next Monday.

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list? Finish packing my bag - coordinate getting clothes to the house and having other things delivered or picked up when we are at the hospital.
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  • Week/Fruit: 38

    How are you feeling?: Contractions are killing my muscles and I'm exhausted trying to keep up with my 2 yr old.

    Any news/appointments?: Final appt and NST on Thurs.   RCS a week from today

    GTKY:What's left to do on your to-do list?  Have this baby!


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