Going through a needy stage?

DD is almost 6 months actual and holy crow for the last week or so she has been SUPER needy/whiny.  It is driving me crazy!!  She needs to be constantly held but it isn't enough to be held, we have to be standing/walking around lol  I thought maybe we were going to start teething here, but she still sleeps great through the night.  Has anyone else experienced this?  When will it end? hahaha
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Re: Going through a needy stage?

  • I wouldn't rule out teething completely.  Wink  Judith always slept well when she was teething.  She had occasional nights where she would wake up and tylenol would help, but overall it didn't affect her as much.  I did a lot of baby wearing, so whenever she got like that I would wear her and it often helped.
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  • We hit this about a week ago. He is 6 mo/ 3 mo adjusted and I think it's teething. He still sleeps through the night but during the day he just always wants held and started gnawing on his paci and hands. I think they just get to be uncomfortable and look to us to make it all better. 
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