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I think the nesting instinct just whacked me upside the head; I'd been going through boxes non stop all night until I changed the channel on the TV and realized it was 5 in the morning. Oops.

At least I'm finally making progress on getting the nursery cleaned out! And I suffer from insomnia anyway (if I hadn't seen the clock, I could've cheerfully gone on until the sun came up), so at least I'm being productive!

Anyone else just have the urge to clean and sort and what not? This isn't the only urge I've had; I have this incessant need to pack the hospital bag, too...

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Re: Nesting

  • Yes! It's hit me the last few days as well. My aunt, who wasn't sure if she'd be able to make it to the shower or not, had the pack n play shipped. I can't wait to get it to set it up. I've also been cleaning and tidying things all over the house. I went through my room and washed the floor (it's not carpeted) and gave the bearded dragon's tank a makeover (and THEN he pooped on top of his rock. Urgh!). It's been non-stop. Today I think I'm going to clear out the closet in the girls' room and organize FI's DD's clothes.
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  • I'm with you. I'll get home from work thinking all I have the energy to do is heat up food and crash on the couch but somehow the second I see something out of place or see a dirty mirror/ dusty shelf I get a rush of adrenaline and start doing heavy duty cleaning constantly. It drives DH crazy because he keeps saying I need to rest and let him do it but he just doesn't understand, I can't help it!
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  • I get really frustrated because I want to clean and organize like I normally do but my body and energy level won't let me! 
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  • Yup!

    We just bought a house and have been remodeling, so my nesting has been a little hardcore lately, (don't worry, I wear a mask and don't do anything too strenuous) But everytime I get a little tired I just think how badly I want to be settled before LO gets here and suddenly I have energy all over again.

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  • I do want to organize the nursery... and I'm abnormally excited about doing laundry today - specifically washing all the baby clothes, blankets, cloth diapers etc!
  • This has been ongoing (and surprisingly so) for me. I'm pretty organized, but not always neat. I know, a weird combo. :) But, lately, I want everything in it's place and am obsessive about "staying ahead of the game." We did a deep clean about a month ago, so I'm all about maintenance now. The whole house has been reorganized from top to bottom since January, but I'm still finding "projects"- much to my very supportive husband's chagrin. :)
  • I really want to nest but don't have the energy. I wish my energy matched my desire.
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    I get really frustrated because I want to clean and organize like I normally do but my body and energy level won't let me! 


    this is me. I am sooo worn out by the time i get home from work, its a miracle if i can cook dinner! I have resorted to making lists after lists of things that need to be done/bought. Hoping to be able to cross one off at a time to feel like i have accomplished something!

  • I was doing the same last night, going through paperwork and cleaning out things. I realized it was two and I have to wake up early, so I forced myself to sleep. I'm so tired during th day as well that when I start cleaning its like a high and it gives me energy!
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