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Best Thing About Being A Mommy?

What is the best thing/thing you love the most so far about being a new mommy?
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Re: Best Thing About Being A Mommy?

  • Kissing his soft little cheek and touching his soft little head.  Cuddle time as he falls asleep. The cute little whoop sounds he makes when he eats sometimes.  
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  • The faces she makes when she's sleeping. She smiles, laughs, makes a little "o" shape with her lips... it's so funny and cute! She also makes the funniest noises sometimes. I think she's going to have quite a personality.
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  • Watching DD1 grow into being a big sister.  She has transformed over the past week and it is amazing to watch.  
  • The way my daughter looks at me like she knows I am her mom. There is so much trust and love in that look.


  • Cuddling with him.

     Being the one who soothes him best when he is crying. I feel like he knows I'm his mom.

    The times when he'll hold my finger and look me in the eye while I'm feeding him his bottle.   

  • My DD is 3 weeks old, and she is so much more awake and aware which is so fun.

    By far best moment happened last night when my parents were visiting, she got upset while her granny was holding her and as soon as I started talking she was looking around for me. I went and got her from my mom and she immediately looked right at me and calmed down. Made me feel like I am doing something right as a mom, and really solidified the connection we have. It felt like my first real mommy daughter moment. Priceless!
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  • The cuddles and watching his facial expressions. He has one where he furrows his brow that we call the Gordon Ramsey and last night he made a Zoolander face. This kid cracks me up already!


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  • Watching DS1 with DS2, they are so cute. Yesterday DS2 was lifting his head during tummy time and DS1 yells "yeah Cole! You did it! Good job!" Omg, so cute

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  • I wish there was an "upvote" button. These are so sweet!

    I love that I can't wait for her to wake up in the morning. I'm always checking on her to see if her little eyes are open yet because I'm being deprived of cuddles.

    I love feeling her sweet little breaths on my neck when she falls asleep in my arms.

    And even though we're losing a lot of sleep at night because of it, I love hearing her "talking" in her sleep. She's such a noisy baby! Lol. Always stretching and moaning and groaning in her sleep.

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  • Ummmm everything?  LOL  I love the newborn stage.

    Skin-to-skin snuggle time, the cute facial expressions he makes, when he scrunches up on my shoulder, the little wheezy humming noise he makes when he sleeps, his pudgy hands, his beautiful eyes.  Watching my H snuggle him.  Nursing.  after nursing a toddler, I had forgotten how wonderful nursing a newborn is. 

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  • Oh yeah, the faces she makes in her sleep are absolutely adorable. I also love how she's most comfortable curled up in a ball on my chest to sleep. DD1 is really not into cuddles, so I'm trying to enjoy this phase while it lasts!

    And DD1 is really cute, too. She's constantly bringing over a bottle or a pacifier and offering it to DD2 or suggesting we change her diaper or give her something to eat (like spaghetti ;-)). When DD2 is asleep, we have to constantly remind DD1 to stay away from her sister and stop touching her!!

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  • My LO was born with a ton of hair. I love smoothing his hair and the way his head smells. We had to supplement with formula for a couple days after he was born and it made him smell all wrong. Now he smells perfect. :

    I love looking into his eyes when he's awake and that nursing him makes him so calm and comfy.


    I like cookies.

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  • image Justinlove:
    Watching DD1 grow into being a big sister.  She has transformed over the past week and it is amazing to watch.  

    This. DS1 is seriously the BEST big brother any mom could ask for. He is the sweetest, smartest, most protective little man ever! I had worries he would have jealousy issues being that he's been my one and only for 5 years, but he loves his brother - poopy diapers and crying and all. I didn't think I could love him any more than I already did but brining DS2 home - I think my heart about burst!! 


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  • Cuddling, kissing baby toes and connecting with him when he is nursing.  He smiles, makes a little "o" with his lips and makes a cute noise when he is 'talking' to me.  Every moment really is amazing.  :)
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  • Wow, I'm still waiting one little guy to make his appearance but these responses are so beautiful they have me in tears! Can't wait for my own experiences!
  • I honestly love everything. I never been in love with someone like this and I find it so uncomparable to any feeling that I have had before. To me, my child is my whole world and I love him so much it makes me tear up. I'm in love, ladies!
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  • I feel like every day I find a new best thing, but lately it's been my little girl's post-nursing milk coma face.  I know at this point it's almost certainly just gas, but she passes out cold with this doofy grin on her face:


     It makes me feel good that I can make her so content. Smile

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