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Let's talk Predelivery enemas!

My friends who have labored tell me I should take the offer of an enema. I can think of worse things, but it certainly isn't on my list of things I'd like to experience either. Thoughts? Experiences?

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Re: Let's talk Predelivery enemas!

  • I wasn't offered one.  Now for she tmi, which I guess is to be expected in this post.....   Lol.   I needed to go to the bathroom before I left for the hospital, I never got a chance, I figured I would go when I got there.  I never did.  And I didn't during labor.  Based on this. If offered one next time. I would refuse it. 

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  • I was also not offered one. Apparently according to my husband I did have a bowel movement while pushing. No one said anything they just cleaned up no big deal. If ever offered I would decline an enema.
  • Im not gonna lie i was terrified of umm how shall i say it... You know. BUT i would have never done an enema nor was i offered one. tmi but my worst fears came true and then i couldnt stop laughing during delivery. I was mortified at first but i pushed for three hours and had a 10 lb 8 oz baby so it was probably inevitable. The nurse told me it happens all the time and the dr said the same thing. I cant imagine getting an enema during labor, i would rather take my chances haha.
  • My system totally cleared it self out via diarrhea in early labor...
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  • Meh, just poop during pushing. Nbd. Once you are in the moment you hardly notice and your Drs and nurses have seen it a million times. If you have an epidural, you probably won't even know if you did poop or not. I don't know whether I did or not, my DH says he didn't see any though lol!
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  • One of my friends who is an L and D nurse says that women who say they didnt poop during pushing are either lying or don't remember. It happens to most everyone and just isn't a big deal. I would much rather let my body do what it's going to do than risk the terrible effects of an enema.


  • Even with an enema you can still have a bowel movement during pushing, which is one of the reasons they stopped doing them. 
  • I have been doing enemas my entire pregnancy bec I was always constipated, and even now post labor! You can do it  yourself, thats what I do, I like them but thats me....I even need it to push out poo and I take 2 coalaces a day! I know TMI!
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    My system totally cleared it self out via diarrhea in early labor...


    This. If it hadn't, I probably would not have gone for the enema. 

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  • I didnt know they even offered them anymore. I was never offered one with my first, and likely won't be with this one either. From what I have heard, they don't bother with them anymore because it really doesn't prevent you from pooping while pushing anyway. I pooped while pushing with my first and hardly even knew it. The nurses are so quick about wiping it away and keeping everything clean that its not a huge deal. I'm not even sure my hubby even knew what was happening they were so quick! lol
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