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What do you take your lo to daycare in?a sleeper? Onsie and pants? Cute outfit? Tomorrows her 1st day and I'm worried I'm not going to have enough diaperscloth diapering or bring enough bm. she'll be there for 7hours about 3 feedings of 2 oz.

How'd you all deal with going back to work and day care
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Re: day care

  • I love onesies with pants even though sleepers are easier. I send LO in a onesie with pants, but I keep two back up sleepers there in case of accidents. 

     I don't cloth diaper, but I sent a large pack of diapers to keep there, which they recommended we do. Same with wipes. 

    Sending LO to daycare was/is not easy, but it gets better every day. The first day was by far the hardest, but the smiles you get when you pick LO up at the end of the day make it all better. Good luck! 

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  • I used to work in the infant room of a daycare and my advice is send more then you think she will need, esp breast milk because if they run out then problems will arise. Same with diapers. 

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  • We usually start the day in onesies pants but our daycare keeps at least two back up sleeper onesies for those blow outs. I always send enough milk for all the expected feedings plus one to make sure they have enough. As PP said always send extra of everything they will use it
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  • Sleepers or onsie and pants. No cute outfits, because if there is a blowout it will not get washed until you take it home. That means ruined outfits. If you can, send one extra bottle as a back up.
  • My husband and I were talking about this the other day... Feels like the first day of school, lol! Not sure if this is your first LO or not, but I can only imagine the first time I send LO to kindergarten if I'm this worked up over daycare. Smile
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  • We keep two extra outfits at daycare, especially with the cloth diapers because they're still learning to use them properly... She's had two diapers leak in the past few days and has NEVER had a leak at home. I think they're afraid of putting them on too tight.

    As far as breast milk, I would take one bottle more than you think she will need. Or maybe two 1oz bottles. We have adjusted numbers and amounts of bottles multiple times in the past few weeks as she gets used to being there all day.

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