1st Trimester

In the words of James Brown, I feel good!

Today has been just a great day!  Like a shout on the mountain top, this day ROCKS! Nothing super spectacular happened, other than, I received great results at my First Trimester screening.  AND I finally got to see a real "baby" on the monitor, not just a little pistachio thing.  

I finally feel okay, too.  A sense of relief.  Maybe I read too many internet stories, but I was refraining myself from being too excited.  I was nervous to have any happiness taken away due to unforeseen circumstances with the baby, which I realize is a bit dramatic.  But I hate being disappointed.

So today, I am happily celebrating my growing nugget! He/she is growing right on schedule, looking great and healthy! I'm already proud. Tomorrow marks 12 weeks, and I am finally letting the rest of my friends and family know our family is growing!  Can't wait!

Thanks for letting me share my happiness, I hope yours is blossoming too! :) 

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Re: In the words of James Brown, I feel good!

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