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compression socks/stockings question

So with my vein troubles getting worse, I'm going to get compression socks or stockings. This should hopefully help the circulation in my calves and ease the pressure on my veins.

Does anyone use these and recommend a specific brand/type? 

If you only have the socks, do you wear a belly supprt band to ease pressure on your legs? 

Avery Elaine 5/21/13

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Re: compression socks/stockings question

  • My insurance company will pay for 3 pairs of Ted hose every six months, regardless, and then 3 more pairs during prrgnancy with a prescription.  I don't wear a support belt.  I just bring my prescription to a medical supply store, get measured, and get the appropriate compression and length in whatever colors I want.  
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  • There is this product line called Back on Track. Orginally designed for horses, we used all their products on our reining horses, and later ourselves. They are amazing. They have stuff out for people now too, and I'll tell you from experiance that its awesome. It will take the swelling/pain right out of body parts. It is completely safe and natural which is the best part. I'll try to find a link for more info.


  • My husband uses CEP (which are made for runners) and I've borrowed them a couple of times.  I really like them, and they've held up well for over 2 years now.  

    Also, you can get the cuffs and wear them under pants/leggings, but still wear open shoes (flats, heels, flip flops) without the compression sock showing. 

  • I love my Jobst ones. This is my second pregnancy having them and this time I got a second pair. They are gauged based on your needs and I think you may need a prescription to get them but they are the best. They come in maternity that goes over the belly for more support, thigh high, knee high and on and on so the choice is yours. I get very very very large in the belly when I am pregnant so I just get the thigh high and wear a support band.
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  • If you're looking for a cheap, easy to get without running all over creation option, try these:

    They're definitely better than nothing, and have held up very well for the two or so months that I've had them now!
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  • I have jobst stockings. They help a lot with the pain from standing. Go to a medical supply store and they can help you select what you need.

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  • I just bought my first pair of compression socks, the 'mild' socks. The 'firm' seemed too tight. I also wear a belly band and noticed a difference with the compression socks, love them!
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