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i give up...

hi all... i've been extremely constipated for the last five days. i finally managed to go a little bit and i'm bleeding. do you think i have hemmroids?
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Re: i give up...

  • fun stuff.  You need to take a stool softener.
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  • Chances are you probably do...not many of us escape this whole thing without.
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  • image Kemare20:
    You can always check. We can't tell you whether or not you have them. You gotta take a feel or take a look-sey. Not fun, but if you want to know for sure, that's what you gotta do.

    Yes Plus, take a stool softener, eat some prunes, eat some bad chinese food... whatever it takes to not wait 5 days.



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  • stool softner, prunes, prune juice.  Personnally I like prunes, so my first pregnancy I ate a couple a day, Plus some exercise, like take a short walk a couple times a day.  I was one of the lucky ones that excaped hemmoroids throughout my pregnancy...strangely enough I had them before preg...and after.. weird.
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  • I pulled out the raisin bran and milk. The cereal for bulk fiber and the milk because I'm a teeny bit lactose intolerant. I also believe in warm apple cider, as thick as you can find it. That works better than prune juice I used to work with old folks.
  • Lots and lots of water will help keep things soft instead of dehydrated and hard. It makes a big difference. I mean this ontop of PP's suggestions also.






  • And whatever method of fiber you use, drink a ton of water with it. A lot of fiber with not enough water will make the problem worse. I like psyllium husk because it's pretty bland in the taste (I can't stomach much right now), and you can mix it in with other things. Just make sure you drink it right after you mix it or it turns to a big glob of goo!
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