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Miss Piggy Feet! AHHH!!!

So I find out Tues my baby is breach-I was getting an u/s to see how big the baby was since I have gestational diabetes, Wed I was going to schedule a c section since I had a drs appt, well wed am my water breaks and it wasnt like on tv some big puddle, it was so slight and I could barely tell if it was pee or my water, so anyway I had eaten breakfast, big no no bec no aneshesia if you eat adn wow contractions at the end were killer, so anyway I had the baby Wed, Feb 13th by C section, got home yesterday and my feet are HUGE like Miss Piggys feet! NO JOKE! how do I even wear shoes? I wore gym shoes to the hospital and my husbands slippers home! I could not even fit into my slippers! anyway just a warning to you ladies, I dont know if it happens to everyone or csectioners only so fyi!

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