Finally found something to help supply

I have been EBF DS since he was born and never had supply issues until lately when I went back to work.  I've had to go into my frozen stash at an alarming rate.  I was pumping about 18 oz while I was away from DS and lately was getting maybe 11 oz.  DS takes at least 15-20 oz while he is away from me.  I was pretty down about it because things had been great until I went to work and I felt like I was going to have to go to formula soon.  I was drinking tons of water and taking Mother's Milk tea with little improvement. 

I finally found a supplement at the local vitamin store called Lactation Support by Gaia Herbs.  It literally has worked wonders and I am not even taking the full dose of three pills a day.  I am going from getting maybe 3-4oz at a pumping session to 6oz easily.  I just thought I'd post because I am hoping it could also help others who are looking for ideas on things to boost supply or who are having issues like I am. 

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Re: Finally found something to help supply

  • OMG... I was literally holding that in my hands today while waiting to get my brewers yeast for the lactation cookies.  I hate that I didnt buy it today
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  • I'm glad it's working for you.  I'm taking it now and I'm up to 6 a day (well above the  suggested amount and not seeing a big difference).  Hopefully increasing my fluids will help make the difference.  I had more success with it a while ago when I was taking it. 
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