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Graco all-in-one smart seat

Does anyone have this seat? I just purchased the Graco Argo and im returning it because the seat does not recline like i wanted it to. The Smart seat seems to have some of the highest safety ratings. Im just wondering if the seat reclines comfortably when it is forward facing? I want my LO to be comfortable when he falls asleep. All advice about this seat is greatly appreciated. Its pretty pricey! Thanks! =)
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Re: Graco all-in-one smart seat

  • Forward facing seats typically don't have much of a recline.  May I ask why you have him forward facing at just over a year?  In case you weren't aware of the recommendations, parents are urged to rear face for as long as possible because it is immensely safer.  You can YouTube videos of forward facing crashes/internal decapitation to find out more.
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  • Ditto the PP, you the recomendation is to rear face as long as you can or at least two.

    As for the seat, the smart seat is heavy and outgrown quickly, not nearly as convienent as it is made out to be.  All seats pass the same safety standards and there is no data or standards on any additional testing a seat may claim to have.





  • The Graco Smart Seat is short rear facing, ok forward facing, and annoying as a booster. The height is decent but it is so hard to buckle as a booster. It's also super heavy and more expensive than most ($300 for the seat and one base, another base is $100, so it's $400 for two seats. You can get two convertibles and two boosters for around $400 that are longer lasting/easier to use). 
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  • As a car seat tech, its not a seat that I would normally recommend due to all the reasons the other posters listed. I am not going to give you a giant lecture on forward facing, but the truth is your child is much safer rear-facing at this age. Just because 1 and 20 is the suggestion doesn't mean that it is safe.

    I would look into the Graco Headwise 70/MySize70/Size 4 Me 70, and turn him back rear-facing. The seat is decently reclined both rear-facing and forward facing, and should last most average kids until a good booster age.


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  • Thanks for the feedback ladies! I def looked up the youtube videos and looked at the crash test done. He will be rear facing from now on! 
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