easiest baby carrier to BF in? and best Bfing book?

Hi! this is my first time posting on this board. I have 2 wild boys (2 and 4) and am due next month and will be BFing again but this time having two to chase after I don't think I'll be able to sit pretty in public nursing, so I was thinking a carrier/sling would make it easier to hold onto the wild ones? I've never used a carrier I do own a beco I bought but haven't tried. is there one that is best for nursing?

Also any recommendations on a great BFing book? I have Bf before but never got 100% confident in it and my memory is horrible so a book that references how to store, tips etc would be amazing!

TIA ladies I appreciate all your help!


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Re: easiest baby carrier to BF in? and best Bfing book?

  • I'm not sure about the BFing in public, I was never very good at that with my first baby. I always locked myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes or so for LO to eat wherever I was. I'm due in April with #2, so I've been researching a lot to help me be more successful with the stuff that made me nervous before. My favorite breastfeeding book is The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers. It has soooo much information in there. Another great resource for storage charts and tips is I liked Medela on facebook and they post tips all the time like traveling while BFing, pumping for work, and many, many other things. Best wishes!!
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  • Thank you so much! I'm going to like Medela right now and look into that book! :)
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  • I love my ring sling. When he was little I just laid him sideways in my arms, latched him and covered with the tail most people just thought I was holding a sleeping baby.  Don't have a book recommendation 

    eta I also have a beco the Gemini and I have nursed it it but the sling was easier with a newborn  

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  • Maya ring sling! I have tried so many baby carriers and I could hardly get them tied right none the less nurse in them. It is so discreet. I could walk around nursing and it just looks like she is sleeping!
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  • I've heard ring slings are great for newborns. Sleeping baby productions makes good ones.  I nursed in the gemini around 3mo when she had better head control, but I still prefer a RS.
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  • someone just gave me a Koalakin. It's only for nursing, but it's perfect. It holds the baby exactly where he needs to be, and there's no stress on your back/neck trying to reach the baby. I can play soccer in the yard with my toddler, or whatever.
  • I've nursed in the moby, Pikkolo, Mei-tei, and Ergo and have a pretty easy time breastfeeding in all of them - once he hit 4 months.  Before then, his head/neck control just wasn't strong enough.
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