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Hospital wreath

I've never heard of this until I saw 2 people so far on my Facebook post pictures of theirs. Is this something y'all are doing? I honestly don't think I'm going to do one. It is a cute idea and everything, but I think it might be a waste of my time and money. I'm having a boy and I don't plan on hanging a wreath in his room. It's kind of girly in my opinion. Interested in y'all's opinions.
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Re: Hospital wreath

  • I've never heard of it either. What is it exactly? I like the idea of bringing a plain white onesie that people can sign if they come to visit us at the hospital.
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  • I had to google it as I had never heard of it either. You are correct: big waste of time and money! Especially if you have a typical birth and won't be there that long! It is just One More Thing.
    A dear friend made the cutest It's A Girl banner for my shower and someone suggested we bring it to the hospital. Sure I am having a c-section and will be there long enough for people to see it but no way do I want to drag anything extra to and from the hospital!!!
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  • I am having one. It was the same wreath that was on the front door for my shower and it is currently on his nursery door. 
  • That has got to be one of the most superfluous, pointless things I have ever heard of.  But if decorating the hospital room makes someone happy, then they should go for it.
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  • Well seeing as how I can't even muster the excitement to ever change the wreath on our front door at home (we use the same one year round), this definitely doesn't sound like something that we will be doing.

    Sometimes I wish I were the kind of person who ccould get excited about these things, in the end I just want to take the absolute minimum amount of stuff with me to the hospital.

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