Will I even need my 8oz bottles?

We have three 5oz tommee tippee bottles that SO uses when I'm at work in the evenings to feed LO. We also have an unopened package of three 8oz tommee tippee bottles... I'm wondering if we should even keep these since I've read that EBF babies may not even take more than 5ish ounces at a time. Should we keep 'em or take 'em back?? TIA!!



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Re: Will I even need my 8oz bottles?

  • I ended up buying 8 oz Medela bottles because I was pumping 6-7 oz from one side. Once my LO will be going to a babysitter's, I plan on sending 3 8 oz bottles just as a storage solution for the milk. That way I'm not sending a ton of 5 oz bottles. 
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  • Keep em... my son was mostly BFed and used 8oz bottles by 3-4 months. I was also pumping 6-7 ounces by that time too, so it was nice to just keep it all together when storing in the fridge.

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  • I never used them the most either if my kids took were 5 ounces at a time. My 8 ounce ones were wide mouth and did not hook to the pump so I never used them for storage 
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  • I'd take them back. We feed from Tommee Tippee too. I use cheap 8oz bottles for storing milk in the fridge, but only the $ ones for feeding.
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  • My daughter's 9 months and I've only owned the Medela 5 oz bottles. She has never taken more than 5 oz of BM. IDK about other brands, but the Medela actually fit 7 oz if you fill it up to the top, so even if I pumped a lot in one session, it was never more than that.

    I just brought a few extra milk storage bags to keep at work for the rare occasion that I pumped more than I could fit in the 4 bottles that came with my pump. Tommee Tippee are $15-20 right? I'd take them back.


  • I loved my 8oz Tommee Tippees. But I froze my milk in 1 oz sticks. With the larger bottles (especially Tommee Tippee with the wide necks) I could pop 4 sticks in there, frozen, screw on the top, and let them defrost.
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