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Umbrella stroller recommendations...

We're in the market for an umbrella stroller, but there are so many different options. Can anyone recommend one? Pros? Cons? 

Re: Umbrella stroller recommendations...

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    The Umbrella Stroller LineupEconomy ($)ModelPriceWeightReclines?Weight LimitNotesThe First Years Ignite


    14 lbs

    Yea, mostly

    50 lbs (a 5 y/o)

    Not so light (14 lbs!), but great for tall people. Lots of features for the price.

    Chicco Capri Lightweight


    11 lbs


    37 lbs (a 4 y/o)

    A solid little umbrella from the beloved Chicco; very lightweight and well-made for an economy stroller.

    Super Lightweight, Non-reclining ($$)

    UPPABaby G-Lite


    8.3 lbs


    40 lbs (a 4-5 y/o)

    The lightest weight, full-size umbrella stroller on the market. Excellent sunshade. Nice ride.

    Maclaren Volo


    8.8 lbs


    55 lbs (a 5-7 y/o)

    Higher weight limit, easier fold than the G-Lite & comes with rain cover, but inferior sunshade & not as comfy as G-Lite.

    **Can't decide? Think about what you need more protection from: sun or rain.

    Lighweight, Reclining ($$$)

    UPPABaby G-Luxe


    11 lbs


    50 lbs

    Stands upright by itself, fabulously huge sun canopy, rides a bit smoother than the Maclaren.

    Maclaren Trimuph


    11 lbs


    55 lbs

    Easier to fold, raincover included.

    **They're both excellent strollers. Again, to break the tie, do you need more protection from sun (UPPABaby)or rain (Maclaren)?

    Pimpin' ($$$$)

    Maclaren Quest Sport


    13 lbs


    55 lbs

    Plush and comfy; extended leg rest for bigger kids, height-adjustable handles for tall folks (check model), comes with raincover, easier to fold than Bumbleride.

    Bumbleride Flite


    13 lbs


    55 lbs

    Can be used with infant car seat (unheard of for umbrellas), can stand on its own when collapsed, comes with rain cover, cup holder, and car seat adapter.


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  • We just got the Aprica Presto Flat stroller. Lightweight, tall, infant-70lbs, takes Gracious infant seat, flat recline, can store standing up. Only $100 at What more could you ask for???
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  • We have the Maclaren Quest and really like it. It is pricey, but I like the recline doesnt use strings to recline like the gluxe and one handed fold. I liked the canopy on the gluxe better, but not the recline or fold.
  • I'm cheap, so we bought a First Years Ignite to leave in the trunk of our lesser-used car.  We've only used it a handful of times so far, but no complaints at all.  It's easy to fold/unfold, handles well, and LO seems comfy in it. It doesn't recline very far or have a very big sunshade, so I wouldn't recommend it for an all-day expedition (we have a City Micro in our other car, plus a jogger that I use mostly for running but would probably take if we were going to be outside all day)... but depending on your needs, it seems to be a great value for the money.



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  • We just purchased the First Years Ignite mainly for some OOT traveling that we plan to do in the next few months. We already have a nice jogging stroller that we use for everyday needs, so my main criteria were lightweight and inexpensive but durable to survive travel.  The Ignite is a full size stroller with a steel frame and an option for a modest recline, but I was a bit surprised at how heavy it feels.  Definitely not an ultralight.  The description said 14 lbs, but my home scale said over 15 after the wheels and canopy were attached and I struggle to lift it one handed (maybe I need to work out more).  It handles decently and seems pretty comfortable for my 16 m toddler, but if I were looking for a stroller I would use regularly around town, especially in the city, I would consider spending $100 more to get a lighter aluminum frame, better canopy and sleeker styling of the Uppababy or Maclaren. 
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  • I have had the Uppababy G-luxe for over a year & I love it.  I also looked at Maclarens, however the G-luxe had a softer feel & nice cushion for LO, what I thought was an easier fold, and the best canopy ever.  It actually has an extra sunshade that has UV protection-that worked great for us in Florida & over the summer (DS is really fair-so it works great for us). It is our only stroller so it's used a lot & has held up great. 
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  • We have the City Mini that we use 99% of the time and LOVE it, but we wanted something less expensive for travel just in case the airlines ruin it, so we got the First Years Jet. It has a lot of the features of nicer strollers (parent console,sunshade, storage) but was under $50. We keep it in the back of DH's truck in case and use it for travelling.
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  • Of course, when it comes to strollers, i would highly recommend the Chicco brand. Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Stroller is an umbrella stroller model of Chicco. It is ctually designed in Italy. Check it out:
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