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I need help

hello i am 23 years old and i had unprotected sex it was my first i lost my V-card to my bf in Jan.12 2013  1 week after period. ever since then my second period suppose to have came on the 29th of Jan.2013 but didn't i was a month and weeks late then i got my period on the 14th of Feb.2013 but it only lasted 4 days  i was cramping pain the first day heavy but light flow. 2sd day no pain it was a light flow. 3rd day my period is ending with black 4th day today completely stopped at 1:35pm and my period has never done that it usually last or 7-8 days. in between Jan. 2 to 3 weeks of the day i had sex with my bf and Feb.4 to 5 weeks  i did have dizzy spells where i had to catch my head because i felt light head so i close my eyes felt as if i was spending and stop for a few but that kept happening for about 2 days after that about 4 weeks  i had breast  tenderness  and when i smelled the chair i gagged but didn't throw up . could i be pregnant? please help i am so lost i was a virgin and now I'm not and i can't go to my  mother she will kill me i need help

thank you cant wait to hear from you all Smile

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